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12-21-2012: The Truth About The Mayan Calendar

Monday, December 17th, 2012
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Just as our modern calendar begins anew every January 1st, there are cycles in the Mayan calendar that begin anew every 144,000 days (394.52 years) and even every 1,872,000 days (5125.37 years).

There’s nothing to fear. It’s just a transition period. There was a lot of hysteria in Europe on the eve of the year 1000 AD and also worldwide on the eve of the year 2000 AD, but nothing significant occurred (at least nothing sudden or dramatic on 1-1-1000 or 1-1-2000).

Noteworthy universal changes have always occurred and will continue to occur, whether it’s the shift to 500 AD, 1700 AD, 2000 AD, or 3000 AD. The cusp period covers about 25% of each major segment of time (end and beginning), such as a century. For instance, 1975 AD to 2025 AD includes a 25% transition cusp that covers the end of one century and the beginning of the next. It’s magnified with the millennium changeover.

Though you shouldn’t worry about the end of the world, my belief is that greater than average numerological and, or astrological shifts do occur and that the transition periods from one major phase to the next, as symbolized in select ancient and modern calendars can be rough going.

You jump in the water and it’s a shock at first, but you get used to it. That’s what has happened with the modern calendar’s turn of the century and millennium, in conjunction with the starting over of the Mayan calendar.

The Modern Calendar and Uniqueness of Your Personal Charts

As time marches on, I believe the ensuing transitions are part of a cosmic evolution that everyone is connected to. The modern, universal calendar isn’t arbitrary in its origins and is intimately, emblematically linked to unique personal cycles of time that everyone transits through. More information here, along with information about how our modern calendar is more accurate than the Mayan calendar.

Considering that a specific date like 7-7-2007 or 11-11-2011 can represent great rewards for one person, but steep challenges for the next, it’s strongly advised to focus on the relationship between the patterns in a person’s comprehensive astrology and numerology charts and a calendar date, instead of the calendar date exclusively.

12-12-12 and the Mayan Calendar

The date December 12, 2012 has been associated with December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar. There is a connection, and it has to do with the number 3. 12-12-2012 is similar to 12-21-2012 in that they are both 3-3-5. 12 reduces to 1+2=3, 21 reduces to 2+1=3, and 2012 reduces to 2+0+1+2=5.

12-12-12 is believed to be the last of the series of three repeating number dates (1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3, 4-4-4, 5-5-5, etc.), but on a numerological level it isn’t.

The number 12 within the date 2012 is a sub-factor; from a numerological perspective, it’s far less important than the number 5, the fadic addition sum of 2+0+1+2. After all, the actual current year is 2012, not 12.

December 12, 2012 is actually 12-12-5.

The next full 12-12-12 is December 12, 2019 (2019 = 2+0+1+9 = 12).

In comprehensive numerological charting, there exist dozens of indicators that are derived from the month, day, and year. It’s very possible that dates without the number 12 as a month, day, or year can symbolically possess more 12-energy than dates with a 12 month, day, and, or year. However, I do believe that dates such as 11-11-2009, 11-11-2011, 11-11-2018, 12-12-2012, and 12-12-2019 include exceptional symbolism.

I offer my viewpoint on the 12-12-2012 phenomenon in this ABC News article.

Ignore the hype surrounding the Mayan calendar and 12-21-2012; it’s a perpetual calendar and it must start over at some point. See this blog post for 7 myths about the Mayan calendar.

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