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66% Report Improved Quality-of-Hire Due to Background Checks

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HireRight, one of the world’s largest employment screening providers focused entirely on employment screening, surveyed more than 1800 human resources, recruiting, and other hiring professionals in their 2010 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report.

The following statistics from the company’s report stand out:

*10% of background checking results adversely affect candidates. Negatives range from exaggerations of education and experience to serious unreported felonies.

*21% of companies have endured incidents which could have been avoided with a background check or drug test.

*62% of organizations that have experienced difficulties in the last year report poor quality hires.

*66% of those surveyed report improved quality-of-hire as a result of background checking.

More information can be found here:

You can increase your chances of avoiding trouble by using multiple forms of evaluation, including handwriting analysis.

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