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Numerology and the Occult: Number 1 and 2017

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Ancient astrology and number mysticism adepts believed very little in life was by chance. “All is number,” said Pythagoras.

Consistently and accurately discerning personal fate through divination techniques demands much time and discipline, but you can get a sense of the cyclical nature of time by tracking select basic universal cycles.

The word “occult,” by the way, simply refers to hidden knowledge, such as the functional mystical information prophetic masters amassed through eons of meticulous evaluation.

One of the most common universal numerology cycles is the Universal Year number. Simply add the digits of the calendar year together to yield a single number.

2017 = 2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1+0 = 1. 2017 is a 1 Universal Year.

The current universal calendar is inherently mathematically sound and linked to cosmic time; there’s nothing arbitrary about calendar dates, thus numerology cycles such as the Universal Year.

Universal cycles, such as the Universal Year, are used to derive personal cycles. Hundreds of personal cycles form patterns that symbolize personal fate.

Those doing this sort of work eventually learn that a “this (single cycle or natal indicator) means that (specific event or life circumstance)” is a flawed approach.

In other words, when tracking a subject’s key life circumstances, you’ll notice that major life events happen only sometimes under single indicators, yet they always happen under select groups of indicators. It takes multiple factors to represent predetermination and everyone has different timing.

Personal cycles are more potent to you but universal cycles are easier to track for the uninitiated.

Now that we’re well beyond the August 2017 eclipses, and Mercury went direct September 5th 2017, along with the fact that 75% through each numerology cycle the related energy is at a peak point (September marks the 75% point in the 2017/1 Universal Year cycle—U.Yr. cycles start on January 1st each year), the 1-energy is weighty right now. The New Moon September 19, 2017 makes it even more significant.

Whatever is initiated in a 1 period, generally, has staying power and influence (the good and the bad), dictating the course of the next eight years (considering it’s a nine-year cycle). Incidentally, my findings show numbers represent events and circumstances; they don’t make things happen.

You’ll notice trends symbolized by the nine-year Universal Year cycle. For example, by 2008 (a 1 Universal Year), it was finally feasible to be mobile with one’s work, in terms of technology. Laptops and power adaptors started to become far less bulky, Internet access was easier to find and speeds were finally reasonable, smart phones were becoming the norm, and they didn’t require constant charging. It took a couple more years, but by 2010 things had progressed just a bit more to the point where one could be comfortably mobile with his or her work.

Now, 2017, perhaps we’ll see some more exciting technology developments over the next few years (e.g., machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.), which will become the norm by 2026.

Cusp periods carry over as far as 50% into the next cycle, so new starts (in a universal sense) are still appropriate well into 2018, but by July 2018 things will be slowing down significantly, in a manner of speaking.

Balanced 1 energy is symbolic of the following, for example: new beginnings; key advances; change of direction, originality; practicality; confidence; initiative; abundance of inspirational creativity, as with that of a successful performer; fine intellect; worthy competitor; financial rewards; leadership. Examples of under-balanced 1 energy include insecurity, submissiveness, and spinelessness. Examples of over-balanced 1 energy include jealousy, selfishness, elitism, addiction, and excessive aggression.

Aside from universal trends like the one illustrated above, astrology and numerology aren’t like the weather. Universal predictions that apply to everyone on a personal level are nonexistent because each universal factor (e.g., Universal Year) relates to each person differently. The universal energy is important, but how it harmonizes with your natal patterns prevails.

Even so, you can get an idea of the cyclical nature of time by tracking select universal cycles, such as the Universal Year.

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