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5 Examples Astrology Timing Can be Either a Friend or Foe

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Your astrology timing makes all the difference in the world. In the extreme, it can be your jailor, or it can be your savior.

Although timing can be everything, it’s secondary to the non-timing, natal configurations in your comprehensive astrology (and numerology) charts.

Whatever the major life circumstance, even if the timing supports its manifestation, it must also be assured in the non-timing, natal patterns, as it is in all cases below.

Collusion between non-timing patterns and timing patterns symbolize all the key events and conditions in your life; my philosophy is that at least 75% of the significant themes and happenings of everyone’s life are predestined.

5 Examples of how unique personal timing can be an ally or enemy:

1. His background includes a successful broadcasting career, hosting his own show. He switched employers in a major career move, expecting his own show, yet he is forced into the role of a co-host. Although it’s a lucrative gig, it’s not what he wants and he realizes this is as good as it will get in his career.

Even though he has top-notch talent, his collective, unique timing is his jailor. He can blame his boss, his contemporaries, or himself, but the truth is that his expectations are at odds with his predestined path.

2. He’s a Hollywood leading man and his box-office success is extraordinary, though his critics call him just a pretty face with marginal talent. Is he just lucky? Nope. His comprehensive charts symbolize vast wealth and career success. The struggling actors who never make it, even though many are more intelligent and clever, lack the auspicious patterns in their charts like the superstar. In this case, this leading man’s personal timing is his elite million-angel army.

3. She just can’t get a break. No matter what she tries, her romantic life is terrible, friends never stay friends for long, and she’s forced into a life of solitude. Is it bad luck? No, it’s what her comprehensive charts represent–it’s the journey she must take, as harsh as that sounds. Much later in life, she recognizes that the solitude was integral to her career accomplishments.

4. The career politician enjoys a run of triumphs until her late 50s when she’s ousted from office and publicly disgraced. Is it deserved? My findings tell me if it happens and it’s a major life circumstance, it’s predestined.

5. After many years of relative obscurity and only moderate accomplishments she becomes a shining star who retires a wealthy and respected industry leader.

Is it due to discipline alone? No. Many others with equal talent and intelligence have the same or more discipline yet never reach the success she did. Chalk it up to her unique personal timing, serving as her support team.

Once you see, as I have, the constant repetition of numerological and astrological patterns directly corresponding to circumstances in peoples’ lives, it’s clear that predetermination and personal adversity exist, and timing does matter.

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