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Revealed: The Purpose of Personal Adversity and Fate

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You’re told that you can achieve anything, as long as you work hard.

Unfortunately, the guillotine of personal adversity and fate slices right through that promise and proves there are limits in life, like when your goals conflict with your destiny. There’s a lot in life that you can’t control.

By all means, strive to know yourself well enough so you set realistic goals that are commensurate with your abilities and predetermined path, and do everything in your power to realize those goals. The journey in attaining your goals, even if you fail, is paramount.

Most people view life as a mix of rewards and challenges. It’s not supposed to be exclusively about enjoyment, self-gratification, and experiencing “the life of your dreams,” though that’s certainly been a clever marketing ploy in the self-help field.

At times, life’s challenges seem almost too much to endure. You’re not alone if you’ve asked, “Why me? Why is this happening?”

No matter what choice you make when you are faced with life’s biggest dilemmas, sometimes nothing seems like a satisfactory option. Under those circumstances, the best choice always involves unconditional love.

The best choice, the one most aligned with your optimum path, is more recognizable as your self-awareness increases. Whatever is best for you, such as deciding to divorce or relocate, is for the highest good of all involved, despite the resistance you may receive from others (ignore the “shoulds”).

The best way to deal with personal adversity, the tough stuff in life, is to approach it head-on. Accept what you can’t change, be grateful for the experience, and do your best to embrace and make the most of it. Each time you do so, you go through a mini transmutation; you grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and edge closer to the being you are predestined to become.

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