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Astrology and Numerology: Compatibility Based Mostly on Shared Timing is Fleeting

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It’s been a long time since that relationship ended. You happen to run into each other after not being in contact for years. The rest of the day you wonder how the connection ever developed in the first place.

It’s like you were both under a spell way back then that brought you together.

It wasn’t a spell, but shared (or very similar) cyclical timing patterns, which can symbolically unite otherwise very different people.

Compatibility based on personality in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts is much stronger than compatibility based on mutually shared timing, though my findings show that compatibility based on shared timing is very common. My theory is that many connections, whether romantic or professional, simply aren’t meant to be long-term.

Shared collective timing representatively brings people together, then when they phase out of the shared timing, the relationship falls apart. This dynamic can also relate to professional connections.

The season (i.e., shared timing phase) you find yourself sharing with someone else, whether it’s like a harsh winter or a beautiful spring, never endures, and expecting a pleasant shared timing phase to last forever is one of the biggest relationship mistakes you can make; disillusionment and regret develop as expectations clash with reality.

Unless you review each person’s comprehensive astrology and numerology charts to look for shared timing, it’s not easy to tell if the connection is predominantly timing-based instead of personality-based, other than the feeling that you may not have enough in common. But even if each partner has completely different everyday interests, which is not as important as compatible personalities, the connection may still be based more on personality factors than timing.

I wouldn’t recommend terminating a connection simply because you learn it’s fated to be fleeting instead of long-term. However, think of how much time and money you can save if you know whether or not your association with another person is on solid ground and is meant to endure.

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