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Q & A: Why She Has a Problem With the Sign of Libra

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“My question has to do with problems relating to anyone with the Sun in Libra. For as long as I can remember I’ve had difficulty with Librans. They have all either betrayed my confidence, or caused problems in the job place, or just “messed me over” in general. It is such that I no longer befriend anyone who is a Libra. Is it possible that I have a conflicting planet/planets regarding Libra? I was born…(birth data withheld). Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Gemini, Capricorn ascendant, and I have at least five planets in Scorpio. (Interestingly enough, I am always compatible with Scorpios). Anyway, this has been a pattern for so many years that I decided to ask an expert, such as yourself. Thanks in advance.”

First, it’s a common occurrence when someone tells me they’ve regularly had more challenges than usual with a particular Sun sign.

Note: please see this blog post and the linked posts at the end of it for information about why it’s important to avoid exclusive reliance on Sun sign astrology:

It could appear to be a Libra Sun matter, but may not be. It could be something else that all of those people have in common.

I’d have to know how many people of all those you’ve had problems with have natal Sun in Libra. Could it be selective attention or a self-fulfilling prophesy on your part? Let’s say it’s not, and you really have had more problems with those who have a Libra Sun.

Since I don’t have the birth data of those people, here are some general possibilities:

1. Libra energy in your natal charts is very weak and under-represented; the sign of Libra is locked in a cadent house, the 9th.
2. Your natal Mars is very potent (the sign of Libra has a problem with Mars, you could say–Mars in Libra is a debilitated Mars). In fact, it’s the most potent heavenly body in your comprehensive charts, and not just because it rules your 1st, 10th, and 11th.
3. You have twice as much fixed energy as cardinal or mutable. Libra is a cardinal sign. Cardinal energy and fixed energy generally don’t harmonize.
4. Those specific people may have a heavy emphasis in their comprehensive charts on the sign of Libra and, or they may have a problem with the planet Mars.
5. When have the problems occurred? It could be more of an issue related to your timing rather than your natal configurations.

Rather than completely avoiding people who have a Libra Sun sign, it may be better to get to know them a little first, then find out their birth data.

Comprehensive astrology and numerology, particularly in conjunction with handwriting analysis, allows for deepening your understanding of human personality and reducing your exposure to risk.

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