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Bad Hires Negatively Affect 67% of Companies

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A recent CareerBuilder survey among over 2400 U.S. hiring managers includes startling findings:

*A bad hire has negatively affected 67% of companies

*$50,000 wasted on one bad hire for 24% of companies

*$25,000 wasted on one bad hire for 40% of companies

*58% of companies stated their average cost of hiring one employee at more than $1000 (not including cost of a bad hire)

*Lost time in replacing a bad hire, lost productivity, and financial loss in having to recruit a replacement were reported as the most common ways a bad hire negatively affected companies

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It’s important to note that the generally accepted cost of a bad hire is over two times the annual salary. The costs of a bad hire estimates in the above survey were likely underestimated due to the bulk of the hidden costs being overlooked.

A sure way to reduce your risk of a bad hire is to use a full range of personality assessments, including handwriting analysis, to determine a person’s fit for the demands of the job.

Handwriting analysis is an effective tool to investigate well beyond the surface persona to reveal the subconscious personality, the real personality.

Under pressure on the job, after the interview and while superiors aren’t watching, a person’s authentic abilities and challenges emerge.

There are many personality traits and red flag concerns that aren’t easy to measure by only talking to an applicant, reviewing their resume, and through standard personality evaluations.

Remember, multiple-choice, self-test personality assessments can be manipulated. Handwriting analysis, executed by a well-trained professional, can’t be manipulated.

Having an accurate read of character, you’ll greatly reduce your risk and save enormous amounts of time and money in hiring situations.

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