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Numerology Q & A: Do Individuals Have A Numerological Type?

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Hello Scott, my date of birth is 3/25/1961. I have a deep connection to an individual whose past primary relationship was with an individual with a date of birth of 3/26/1960. I was fascinated to learn this and feel that in some way people must intuitively seek out individuals with a certain primary number. Do individuals have a numerological type? In your experience Scott, do you find this to be true? Thank you very much for your time and thoughts. Vera

My findings consistently show me, clearly, that individuals meet those whose natal configurations match important facets of their own natal configurations.

More frequently, the connection is based on their unique, collective timing. When their timing greatly changes, the connection falls apart, although they may stay together as companions.

My view is that you don’t intuitively or subconsciously seek out individuals with a specific single aspect of the comprehensive charts, but that the charts simply reflect what is happening at that point in your life.

You may recognize single factors that you have in common, but there are many more beneath the surface forming distinct, recognizable patterns–that’s where the meaningful energy of the match is symbolized.

To specifically answer your question, you don’t have a “numerological type.” But you do have individuals who are much more in harmony with you than most other people, and that harmony is reflected by the collective energy of the patterns of the comprehensive charts (500+ considerations).

It’s impossible at this time to format, for example, a software program with very high accuracy levels showing if someone is truly a good match for you or not. The complexity of weighing hundreds of factors in pattern recognition is beyond the scope of current technology; it would require programming that, if printed out and placed flat end to end, would stretch from here to beyond the Moon.

Comprehensive numerology and astrology are as complicated as any language. They are the languages of fate, and they are tremendously useful for helping you reduce your risk and making the most of your life.

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