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Most Common Things Job Candidates Lie About

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The Society for Human Resource Management’s 2010 “Background Checking: Conducting Reference Background Checks” survey includes revealing details about which background topics are most commonly misrepresented by job candidates.

Sample question from the survey:

“How often do you discover information that is inaccurate compared to what job candidates presented during the interview process when conducting reference background checks on job candidates…?”

–60% said they “sometimes” find inaccuracies with dates of previous employment (6% answered “always”)

–51% said they “sometimes” find inaccuracies with past salaries (6% answered “always”)

–46% answered they “sometimes” find inaccuracies with former job responsibilities (4% said “always”)

–39% answered they “sometimes” find inaccuracies with education background (4% said “always”)

–Only 16% said they “sometimes” find inaccuracies with military discharge information (3% said always)

–8% answered that they “always” find inaccuracies related to articles published and speaking

The survey was completed by over 400 hiring professionals.

More information here:

It’s possible to overlook potential red flags while doing background checks. But using multiple forms of assessment, including handwriting analysis, in your screening process will greatly reduce the costly mistake of a bad hire.

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