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Helpful Review of 9 Background Check Services

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You can do a fair amount of basic background checking and security investigations yourself on sites such as Intelius.

Check out this background check services review of 9 of the most established on-line background check services:

These on-line services can greatly help you reduce your risk in your personal life, career, or business, but there are 6 major concerns with their introductory offerings:

  1. Make sure to check multiple state records, or you could potentially miss red flags.
  2. A criminal record or court case notation on such a site could just be something as innocuous as a traffic violation.
  3. You have to sort through all the results yourself.
  4. There is no guarantee that such databases are totally up to date and inclusive.
  5. A conviction from years ago might not show up if the statute of limitations has expired (e.g., seven years in CA after the sentence has been served).
  6. The Fair Credit Reporting Act blocks civil judgments from being reported by background check companies after seven years and bankruptcies after ten years.

An additional, very real concern is that if a scoundrel is very good at covering their tracks, they could have a clean record because they’ve never been caught.

It’s recommended that you conduct thorough investigations of anyone put in a position of trust, using multiple forms of assessment, including handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology.

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