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Ethical Security Investigations

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Whether it’s personal or business, I recommend you look into a person’s background thoroughly before you invite excessive risk into your life.

You can do some of the personal history checking yourself through various on-line sources, for example, or you can hire a private investigator or security firm for more thorough checks.

Please note that you won’t uncover red flags if the person is good at covering their tracks. I recommend alternatives in conjunction with traditional background checks and security investigations, such as handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology.

In all types of security investigations, it’s imperative that you’re fair and ethical. Overstepping legal bounds in security investigations can have dire consequences, such as in the case of this private investigator:

While it’s important to reduce your risk, always avoid violating invasion of privacy laws, such as with illegal eavesdropping (tapping phones, keystroke-loggers/spyware on computers, et al.).

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