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Why it’s Necessary to go Deeper, Beyond “Having Your Chart Read”

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“Getting (your) chart done” is a euphemism for interpreting your basic natal astrology chart.

For example, a modern method focused astrologer might tell you, “Moon being your inner-self/more subconscious self and yours being in Virgo equates to being exacting and discriminating; Aries Ascendant means you have a good amount of assertiveness and drive; Venus in 2nd house relates to women connected to your finances; Mars in 7th relates to exciting partnerships…” And so it goes.

However, as the ancients understood, the basic natal astrology (or numerology) chart is only one layer of many to consider.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of professional astrologers today focus only on basic natal configurations and timing methods (transits, progressions, etc.). You can’t see fate in action using such a shallow approach.

Thus, most will erroneously tell you, “Astrology isn’t fate, it’s only possibilities.”

Well, if the full extent of their approach involves exclusive application of modern astrology methodology using the basic natal chart, it’s no wonder they hold that philosophy because such a style is so limiting.

For instance, there might be a few strong indications of a very challenging love life in the basic natal chart, but then there could be many other considerations in the comprehensive charts (ancient astrology, modern astrology, ancient numerology, and modern numerology—multiple levels within each discipline to review) that collectively symbolize a very rewarding love life. Therefore, the adverse indications are completely symbolically mitigated—the subject is fated to have a very rewarding love life.

Then there is the problem involving on which issue in the client’s life to focus.

I stopped doing the sort of readings a long time ago where the client says “Look through my charts and tell me what you see,” because there’s a lot to consider and it creates an enormous amount of work for me if I’m getting paid for the session time only.

The client must narrow down his or her area of interest; having specific areas of focus is optimum.

“Having (your) chart read,” as it is commonly done today, could potentially lead you astray, so it’s best to consult with a professional who applies an extensive system of checks and balances, beyond the basic astrology (and, or numerology) chart.

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