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Numerology Case Study–Keep Seeing Same Numbers

Monday, August 14th, 2017
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The recurring numbers phenomenon, where you keep seeing the same numbers over and over, has more than one possible explanation.

Recently, I saw the number 75 three times within a couple hours. On my way to the gym I saw a guy wearing a jersey with the number 75 on it. Arriving at the gym, the front desk employee handed locker key-card number 75 to me. After my workout I grabbed the first available shopping basket upon entering a grocery store and noticed 75 again, the number on the basket.

Considering my own experiences and the numerous inquires I’ve received about this phenomenon, I understand the astonishment and confusion.

It’s like seeing a specific object such as a stepladder (in places you wouldn’t normally see stepladders), or overhearing or reading the words “flower garden,” for example, multiple times in a single day. Initially, such occurrences don’t seem to make sense, but delving more deeply into the symbolism sometimes offers answers.

I believe the case I outline above has to do with my personal timing. My personal four-hour numerological period during which I saw the number 75 three times happened to be 75, according to the Chaldean method of addition. I wasn’t consciously aware of it at the time, but I noticed the link that evening, reviewing my personal numerological patterns.

In my instance, the 75 may relate to a specific phase in a project I’m working on becoming easier after an extensive up-hill battle. 75 reduces to 3 through fadic addition: 7+5=12, 1+2=3.

I recommend starting with root numbers in exploring number symbolism. Symbolism for each root number 1-9 can be found here (scroll about half way down the page after clicking).

My findings show three other main explanations for this phenomenon.

  1. Your subconscious mind may be fixated on a particular number for some reason, just like it fixates on specific song lyrics. Sometimes there’s an explanation for it, such as your unconscious mind remembering someone’s birthday, but other times there isn’t. The power of the subconscious mind and the recurring numbers experience are frequently related.
  2. Contact from the other side, such as from a guardian angel or other helper of the Light (or deceased loved one) may manifest through seeing the same number repeatedly. Regular meditation helps in trying to interpret the messages.
  3. It’s possible demons and other negative entities on the other side (lower dimensions) are trying to distract or mislead you. Before you begin to accept the guidance of what you think is a guide of the Light on the other side, make absolutely sure it is. Watch for signs that the “spiritual guide” you access is not for your highest good.

It may take you a while to realize what specifically the mystifying experience of seeing the same numbers over and over relates to in your life, but following the advice above is a step in the right direction. 

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo

More Information About Seeing the Same Numbers Over and Over

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011
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Seeing the same number or numbers over and over is a very common occurrence, based on the inquiries about the phenomenon I receive regularly (at least a few times each week, on average).

Please see my original blog post on the subject.

It’s important to understand the power of the subconscious mind (otherwise known as the unconscious) when exploring the wonder of recurring numbers.

Your subconscious mind knows what time it is, always. Directing your conscious attention–your conscious mind—to a specific time of day is perfectly within the capacity of your subconscious mind.

Besides seeing the actual digits, your mind may be drawn to recurring numbers of things: you happen to see 7 birds sitting on a fence, then 7 cars parked in front of an office building, then 7 flowers in a vase, then you happen to overhear a stranger mention something about having “7 things to do tonight,” all within a few hours period.

Numbers are the basis of everything, they represent quantities and qualities, synchronistic occurrences probably happen more than you realize, and sometimes it can be rather interesting, even disconcerting when you tap into the recurring number phenomenon.

A possible solution to evicting such an impression from your subconscious mind (if it is your subconscious), like the song lyrics that won’t stop playing in your mind, is through meditation.

There is no “This Means That” Answer

Trying to figure out why your subconscious mind has a fixation with a specific time and, or number, isn’t easy.

In attempting to decipher the meaning behind seeing the same number over and over, it’s impossible to link a single number with a specific circumstance (e.g., “9 means endings in your love life”) because there are multiples of circumstances under each of the three basic forms associated with every number (balanced, over-balanced, and under-balanced). Narrowing it down to the most appropriate meaning usually takes quite a lot of work.

Then there is the issue of subjective interpretation, such as in the case where someone decides they love the number 6, for example, because it has “always meant good things,” or that the number 4007 is “lucky,” and they may make it so through self-fulfilling prophesy (or at least they think the related circumstance are lucky—someone else may not).

Hence, the “this means that” approach, assigning a specific life circumstance or event to a single number is worthless.

The best approach in figuring out the meanings of a number is to first identify its basic qualities. Examples of balanced, over-balanced, and under-balanced forms of the root numbers 1-9 are shown at the bottom of this article.

Reflect and meditate on how the meanings of any recurring numbers in your life referenced in the above linked page relate to you.

Multiple-digit Numbers

When interpreting multiple-digit numbers, reduce all the numbers to a single digit through fadic addition. The single digit, the root number, is the most important number. For instance, 6731 = 6+7+3+1 = 17 = 1+7 = 8.

Note that an individual number’s strength within a multiple digit number is based on its position. In the above number, 6 is stronger than 7, which is stronger than 3, which is stronger than 1. The final, reduced digit, 8, dominates.

Also note that the numbers 6000, 700, 30, and 1 within the number 6731 have relative representation, and that you should avoid erroneously, randomly chopping up a number like 6731 into 67, 73, and so on. I say erroneous because through empirical research this style has proven to be invalid. Besides, every effective cabala (sacred number or letter codes) throughout history avoids such practice.

The exception to this rule relates to glimpsing only part of a numerical sequence, such as only “seeing” the 77 of 5774, for example; your subconscious mind or higher-self is fixated on, thus your attention is drawn to, those two numbers only. In this case, delve into the meaning of 77 instead of 5774.

Super-conscious Connection

Far less common than a subconscious connection, in my view, is a super-conscious link. It’s somewhat of a common circumstance where the recurring numbers match patterns in the subject’s natal or timing charts, thus it’s probably more of a super-conscious (higher-self, etc.) connection. In which case, figuring out the “why” still isn’t easy.

Experience has shown me that select individuals seem to maintain a regular, uncommon association with other-dimensional planes, and number symbolism serves as a language to translate current and future predestined life circumstances and events. This way of life frequently demands an enormous amount of discipline, often involving a healthy lifestyle and some form of regular meditation.

Others hold an infrequent, occasional link to super-conscious number associations. Although my opinion is that spiritual guides on the other side are constantly sending helpful messages (even warnings) to you in various forms, to associate most recurring numbers with an angel or guide is a mistake.

As far-out as it sounds, my empirical research also shows me that there are plenty of not-so-pleasant other-dimensional energies always vying for your attention as well, and it’s absolutely within their power to pretend to be a helpful guide in attempting to sidetrack or mislead you. The more off-center, scattered, and fearful you are (especially if under the influence of alcohol or any mind-altering drug, including anti-depressants), the more likely you are tapping into malevolent energy and should be careful with the messages you receive.

While the phenomenon of seeing the same numbers over and over could involve a deceased loved one or elemental trying to get your attention, it’s much more likely an unconscious fixation, based on my findings.

Although there’s almost never an easy explanation about the meaning of the recurring numbers you see, you can get some idea through studying basic number mysticism, as outlined above.

Copyright © 2011 Scott Petullo

Recurring Numbers: Seeing the Same Numbers Over and Over

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009
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There is no simple answer to why someone keeps seeing the same number or numbers over and over.

Numbers have specific meanings, and the circumstance of spotting recurring numbers can be complicated—it’s important to know under what conditions and when the person has this experience, as well as other related details about their life.

Three Main Causes

My empirical research has shown that it’s a complex subconscious fixation, a super-conscious impulse, or due to anxiety and stress.

In order to fully answer the question of why someone keeps seeing the same numbers, you must review their comprehensive natal and timing charts to find connections to the recurring number patterns to see if there is a link on that level (super-conscious).

It could take quite a bit of time to determine why a person is seeing specific sequences repeatedly.

It’s possible for a person to have prominent 8, 9, 11, 22, or any of the other numbers they keep seeing in their comprehensive natal and, or timing charts. It’s also possible the person is transiting through some key related timing.

But frequently, seeing the same numbers over and over appears to be more of a circumstance brought about by anxiety and, or stress; it could be an unhealthy impulse under times of duress.

Subconscious Mind Fixation

Just as your mind won’t let go of song lyrics running through your head over and over, it can consume itself with select numbers.

Subconscious fixation (one you are not conscious of) to the numbers for any number of reasons is very common. For example, maybe years ago during an impressionable period in your life, you happened to look at the time and saw 11:09. The number was burned into your unconscious and your subconscious now associates a particular event with that time/number. All memories, consciously known or not, are stored in your subconscious.

Contact From the Other Side

Some would say that someone or some group from the other side (other-dimensional) is trying to contact you. It’s possible, but in my view souls and entities are constantly beaming information via signs to you and it can be through any medium.

Impending Danger as a Remote Possibility

Others would say it’s a warning of impending danger relating to you or your loved ones. It could be, but my experience tells me it usually isn’t. Just don’t give the prospect of a heightened threat to your well-being much energy because if you’re not careful you could make it a self-fulfilling prophesy.


Still others would say seeing the same numbers over and over means you are “ascending” to a higher dimension. In my professional opinion, this is doubtful, as the phenomenon has been happening for eons to many different types of people. Besides, people are constantly moving through various levels of spiritual progression and always have been.

Please see part II, More Information About Seeing the Same Numbers Over and Over:

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