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Astrology: Moon Secrets Revealed

Monday, August 17th, 2015
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Deciphering the symbolism of the Moon in a person’s comprehensive astrology charts gives you a lot of information about his or her personality and personal fate.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the basic symbolism of New Moons (beginnings), Full Moons (endings) or lunar eclipses. While these types of elementary timing factors can give you an idea of the cyclical nature of time, it’s necessary to delve much deeper into the science of astrology to get consistently high accuracy rates and dramatically limit your risk.

Below I list select Moon secrets and features.

  1. The Moon is feminine and rules the sign of Cancer. The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus. The Moon in the sign of Capricorn or Scorpio (notice the opposite of the sign it rules and the sign in which it is exalted) is unfavorable, but that energy can be symbolically reduced. The negative or positive energy of any given indicator is diminished or corroborated by the energy of the other hundreds of factors.
  2. The Moon symbolizes priests, shamans, divination, hypnotism, visionaries, astrologers (and numerologists), those who make their living on the seas or other bodies of water (captains of ships, fishing industry workers, etc.), herbal remedies, business dealings, businessmen and businesswomen, nurses, and mothers.
  3. It also symbolizes overall difficulties in life if the subject is born between a Full Moon and New Moon (or if the Moon and its ruler are in a weak house), or the opposite if born between a New Moon and Full Moon (or if the Moon and its ruler are in a strong house).
  4. The strength of a person’s natal Moon has a lot to do with whether he or she is burdened with extensive personal adversity, or the opposite, a very rewarding lifetime largely free of misfortune and hardship, or somewhere in between.
  5. The most powerful heavenly body in a person’s comprehensive charts (it isn’t the modern astrology “chart ruler,” the Ascendant ruler) and everything linked to it offers a great deal of information. When it’s the Moon, this person has a much greater likelihood than average (as always, based on corroborating factors) of being burdened with the propensity to overeat and gain excess weight. Such a Moon with select afflictions represents obesity. A very potent natal Moon is also more likely than average to represent a talent for prophesy.
  6. The Moon has a lot to do with love interests—if the love interest is a woman. It (along with other factors) embodies romantic partners.
  7. I disregard most transits as immaterial, but here is an easy astrology trick involving Moon transits that can help you limit your risk a little bit.

Beyond basics, such as the cycles of the Moon, the Moon offers a tremendous amount of information in relation to personal timing, personality, and personal fate.

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