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Relocation and Astrology Q & A

Monday, October 6th, 2014
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Many people claim their life improved or got worse after a move, attributing it to locational astrology.

However, correlation does not necessarily equal causation. A single relocation isn’t enough to go on. In order to form a reasonable theory, you must review the life circumstances of multiple people who relocate one or more times, as I’ve done for more than twenty years. I share my findings below.


Please tell me if my location and my astrology and numerology are in harmony for my career.


Although “relocation charts” can be interesting, the symbolism is only background energy relative to your birth charts. Your birth astrology and numerology charts and the inherent symbolism remain the same, despite relocation.


A relocation won’t change anything?


It does matter to a minor extent whether you move to location A, B, or C, considering they are far enough apart geographically; you can make the most of your life by selecting the location most advantageous to you in regards to money, love, or other parts of life. The new location also represents, to some degree, what’s going on in your life.

But again, my findings show that birth charts and the timing symbolized by the patterns within vastly overshadow locational charts. Also, a person will naturally decide to move to the location that most fits his or her collective timing anyway.


What about being in an opportune location on your birthday to make the most of your new year?


It won’t change your collective timing. Solar and lunar return charts, for example, are trivial compared to other, more reliable timing methods (see “Sporadic vs. Everlasting Timing Indicators”).


What about the selection of one address or unit number over another that may be better for you?


Please see this blog post about numerology and addresses.

“Change your location, change your life” is largely a myth, as is changing your life by changing your name.

At the same time, a change of location can do wonders for your attitude, which determines your quality of life within the framework of your fate.

See this blog post for more information about astrology, numerology, and relocation.

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