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Astrology: Gemini vs. Cancer

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Lately I have been very confused with my Venus compared to my sun sign. According to astrology, a Gemini in Venus means that when I fall in love I get bored easily and that I’m not very deep. My Sun and Ascendant are in Cancer but my Venus and Mars are in Gemini. This seems completely the opposite of my personality. I do not like different people at the same time. I fall in love with one person and I am very committed to that person for the long run. I would never cheat on them. I feel as though I love like a Cancer…so why is my venus and mars in Gemini? Isn’t it a bit of a contradiction to be a cancer but love like a gemini?

Sorry to hear about your bewilderment. Your confusion is understandable considering how the science of astrology has been distorted since the 1700s.

You say, “According to astrology, a Gemini in Venus means that when I fall in love I get bored easily and that I’m not very deep.”

To be blunt, that’s an erroneous statement based on trivial modern astrology rip-offs of the ancient science. There exist dozens of indicators to assess one’s love life. The mere sign your natal Venus happens to be in is a very small part of the patterns in the comprehensive charts that reflect a person’s love life particulars.

You say, “I feel as though I love like a Cancer…so why is my Venus and mars in Gemini?”

You can’t use Sun sign astrology (or Venus sign astrology, or Mars sign astrology) for accurate personality analysis. Some people born while the Sun is transiting the sign of Cancer love deeply and sincerely, and others are cold and duplicitous.

To answer your first question, your natal Mars and Venus are in Gemini because that is the sign they were transiting at the time of your birth.

To answer your second question, everyone has every single sign represented in his or her comprehensive charts. You are not a single sign, just like you are not a single body part.

I recommend you forget the modern astrology you’ve learned thus far and begin studying real astrology from around 300 BC to about 1700 AD. In doing so, you’ll realize it’s as complex of a language as any other and there aren’t any short cuts if you want consistently high accuracy rates.

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