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Myth: Astrology is Pseudo Science Because Constellations Change

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“Is it true that astrology is pseudo science because constellations always change? Please explain.”

The astrology skeptic’s argument goes something like this: “Your zodiac sign corresponds to the Sun’s position relative to the constellations, as perceived from Earth. But since it has shifted about an entire sign over the last 2000+ years, someone born March 4th, for example, is no longer a Pisces, but an Aquarius.”

Unfortunately, that contention is erroneous. It’s shocking that even astronomers with PhDs say such things. You would think that very educated men and women of science would investigate a topic thoroughly enough before discounting it as pseudo science. It reveals how little they know about astrology, beyond Sun sign horoscopes, which have nothing to do with authentic astrology.

You will notice that Sun signs are referred to as “signs of the zodiac,” not “signs of the constellations.” Western astrology has little to do with the constellations.

See this blog post for more information.

The notion that “constellations always change, so astrology is pseudo science” is a myth.

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One Response to “Myth: Astrology is Pseudo Science Because Constellations Change”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Dear Scott,

    Astrology is the Science of Time. The Art, is in the interpretation. The Numbers and Symbols tell a story, to those who can read the text. I “practice” Astrology, too. I may have started, by studying psychology, but the information was too diverse — leaving much to the interpretation of whom ever you are speaking to. I believe that most of us “know” the truth, when we see, or hear, it. Once you have had your astrological chart “read” by a competent astrologer, the combination of the Science of Time, and the Art-form required to interpret, and read, the information for others — can be called nothing less than astounding, in its accuracy.

    In Love and Light,

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