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The Worst Type of Motivation an Employee Can Possess

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The worst type of motivation an employee can have is extremely dangerous to a business owner.

It’s not excessive desire for money, altruism, social involvement, or any of the other typical motivations that drive a person’s behavior.

The most hazardous motivation an employee can have is a toxic combination of intentional deceit, lack of integrity, and resentment.

These types of employees are disgruntled and believe the company (or government agency) has shafted them; they erroneously believe they are underpaid and should be promoted. The truth is that they are already paid what they are worth. If they weren’t, they could quit and get a higher-paying job.

They become dangerous because they have access to inside information and use that information to profit to the detriment of the business (or country). They don’t care if selling industrial (or intelligence) secrets will damage the organization.

Certainly, these types of people are a threat to everyone; they can wreck havoc on your professional life, as well as your personal life because they lack loyalty and aren’t honest.

Either you thoroughly identify hidden motivations, or risk the consequences.

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