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The Difference Between Reasonable People and Jerks

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Everyone is capable of being unreasonable once in a while, but some people seem to be world-class jerks most of the time.

Consider common traits that make a person problematic:

1. Excessive bias. Nobody enjoys being on the receiving end of prejudice.

2. Stubbornness. In excess, it can ruin friendships and business partnerships.

3. Personality traits that impair leadership, such as domineering behavior, defiance, and vanity.

4. Dishonesty. Almost everyone has told a white lie, and bluffing and moderate rationalization are very common, but more serious forms of dishonesty can be devastating.

5. Lack of a conscience. Sociopaths typically have no remorse regarding their destructive and hurtful behavior.

Each of the above attributes and many others make a person difficult to deal with, and in some cases, impossible to deal with.

Also, one other personality trait stands out in making a person a jerk: lack of impulse control.

Most people think bad thoughts once in a while. The difference between reasonable people and jerks is that jerks mostly lack impulse control. Frequently, they get an idea to behave badly, and instead of putting on the breaks, they just do it.

All of the above personality traits are detectable through handwriting analysis, which can greatly reduce the risk in your personal and professional life.

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