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The Secret Reason Behind Success and Failure: What You Can and Can’t Control in Your Life

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The concept that “you are in complete control of your destiny” is, in one way, true yet, in another, completely false.

Five very talented entrepreneurs with similar successful backgrounds, all about the same age and intelligence level, embark separately on similar investment projects. Two succeed wildly, two lose money, and one fails miserably. Why, because of luck? My view is that personal fate is disguised as luck, no matter how diligent, adaptable, and resourceful you are.

I’m not talking about a situation where someone prepares so well, such as a farmer taking the time to learn how to more efficiently run his operation, that he boosts his yield commensurately over the previous years.

I’m talking about situations and conditions beyond your control, that conventional thinking hastily labels “luck.”

While it’s accurate to say that you have power over how you decide to deal with the circumstances and events in your life that arise, to believe you can always shape-shift the results into exactly the reality your ego-self demands, like you’re some sort of superhero, is delusional.

Two things you can’t control:

1. The undercurrent of your overall personal karma that symbolically shapes everything in your life and the resulting occurrences. This includes your collective timing, relative to specific areas of your life (e.g., finances, career, love life, etc.).

2. The level of unique, innate strife or harmony between you and another person. Your compatibility with any given person is measurable, and that includes the level of rewarding or challenging energy, professionally or personally.

One thing you can control:

How you react, how much compassion and unconditional love you generate, which can go a long way in enhancing your destiny. You are in control of how you respond, yet your level of resourcefulness (making the most of every situation) is limited to the innate quantity you possess–some people have much more than others.

This doesn’t leave you helpless, but rather it’s a dose of reality so you are that much closer to accepting that which you can’t change in your life, thus making your life more enjoyable and meaningful.

Every action and thought has personal consequences that shape your future karma, much of it in future lives. In that sense, your level of control is profound.

But you must also acknowledge that your control over your current fate is very limited in this specific lifetime and that there will always be parts of your life that you can’t manipulate.

The collective current of your behavior (i.e., “karma”) from previous lifetimes and current life shapes your present like an unyielding force-field and there’s nothing you can do about it besides constructive and ingenious reaction.

Three of the five entrepreneurs mentioned above, had they sought and heeded my advice, would have realized that their personal conditions were brutally perilous at that time, calling for great caution, and they would have avoided financial loss.

Comprehensive astrology and numerology successfully outline personal fate, the overall inclinations in your life, and handwriting analysis uncovers hidden personality features, allowing you to dramatically reduce your risk.

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