Personality, Compatibility, and Personal Timing Are Measurable With Comprehensive Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, and Numerology

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Defeat Your Rival: Esoteric Security Investigations

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You must thoroughly understand your competition to triumph.

Everyone has their own unique strengths and¬†weaknesses, and many of the most dominant ones can’t be exposed by conventional methods.

Alternatively, comprehensive astrology and numerology allow you to expose limitations and vulnerabilities, along with many other personal dynamics, such as when a person will appear to be invincible and untouchable.

Think of how much time and money you could save if you knew the approximate times when you would most definitely lose to your adversary.

Also, think of the incredible advantage you would have if you knew when your opponent is most ineffectual.

Please note: Hazardous situations such as a person’s livelihood being in jeopardy, or having to deal with a nasty situation may demand the type of assessment featured in this article. Furthermore, under certain circumstances, your competition my resort to clandestine methods in an attempt to gain an edge. It’s under these conditions that you’re forced to take additional steps to level the playing field. The approach outlined here allows you to do this.

Below I list several confidential areas of interest, discernible through comprehensive astrology and numerology in a Competitive Advantage Assessment, related to knowing your competition in remarkably uncommon ways.

1. Periods of strength, such as when the person is on top of their game–seemingly unconquerable (e.g., in negotiations, deal-making, etc.), most likely to receive recognition, or most likely to win a lawsuit and, or come out on top regarding any legal action.

2. Periods of weakness, such as when the person is most vulnerable, likely to talk too much and spill the beans, likely to encounter dangerous business opportunities, likely to be at risk for financial loss, likely to encounter people who are ultimately against their highest good, most likely to feel like they’ve been betrayed, likely to be humbled, under very poor timing to launch a new endeavor, at risk for ill-fated speculation, or likely to feel the most isolated and fearful.

3. Periods of transition, such as when the person is at a peak point in their career, likely to have to start over, or feeling like things are stagnant.

In conjunction with handwriting analysis, a Competitive Advantage Assessment involving the above-mentioned areas of focus (and much more) can greatly help you reduce your risk.

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