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Q & A: Gemini Sun Does Not Equate to Promiscuity

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“Hello, are Gemini women sexually promiscuous as they are portrayed so many astrology sites? I’m myself a Gemini guy and I believe in astrology but I find some Gemini characteristics really not accurate. I have big attraction for female Geminis and I don’t like the thought of them being so perverse.”

It’s unclear which sites you are speaking of, but it should be noted that almost all of the “astrology” on-line and in mainstream publications is a trivialized, meaningless form of the authentic science.

Many people tell me that they “Don’t believe in astrology.” Well, I don’t believe in the astrology they’ve been exposed to either.

The idea that people having the Sun sign Gemini are more promiscuous than those with other Sun signs is absolutely false.

Promiscuity is symbolized in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts by numerous indicators, the Sun sign hardly being one of them. I look for patterns comprised of various indicators in my systems of analysis that have proven time and time again to symbolize a pronounced affinity for sex.

Also, my opinion is that handwriting analysis more effectively discerns details of human sexuality since it acutely targets the subconscious mind, the real personality.

Please see this article, along with the linked articles at the end for more information about Sun signs and astrology:

Comprehensive astrology and numerology, in conjunction with handwriting analysis, allows for expanding your understanding of yourself and others, reducing your exposure to risk.

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