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Sun Sign Astrology Origins & Why You Should Avoid it

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Don’t believe in astrology?

I don’t believe in the astrology you’ve been exposed to either.

The “horoscopes” you find in newspapers, magazines, and on the Internet are not truly horoscopic, as they have nothing to do with the Ascendant (Rising sign).

Horoscopic astrology, which includes the fundamental astrology chart system in use today with its Ascendant (the degree of the rising Eastern horizon at the chart’s inception) and house divisions, is believed to have originated in Hellenistic Egypt (approximately 330 BC – 30 BC). The development of astrology as a valid science reached a pinnacle in the Middle Ages.

The unfortunate departure from authentic astrology began in the 1600s and accelerated with the advent of “modern astrology” in the late 1800s. Readily accepted in the marketplace due to its lack of complexity, Sun sign and psychologically based astrology began its ascent. Although such superficial astrology does serve as an introduction to the genuine science, regrettably, it’s very misleading.

It’s impossible to offer true guidance for anyone using only Sun signs, or Sun signs and a handful of transits or other basic indicators. You might as well be applying random entries of poetry to the circumstances of your life. Watered down astrology only serves as entertainment. A weather forecast approach, targeting huge amounts of the population at once, is futile.

Again, if this is the astrology you’ve been exposed to, and it likely is, I don’t believe in it either. The Internet is the black-hole of astrology and numerology half-truths; you’ll largely come across only trifling imitations of ancient practices.

Real astrology and numerology are complicated languages of personal predetermination. A very personalized approach using the full birth data must be applied in delineation and prediction to achieve consistently high accuracy rates.

It’s entirely feasible to know the years and months an individual will encounter their most important life circumstances and events through comprehensive astrology and numerology. The knowledge allows you to plan and prepare, reducing your risk.

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