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Numerology and the Number 16: Challenges and Rewards

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Numbers represent quantities in everyday life, yet they also symbolize qualities.

The number 16 is one of the modern numerology “Karmic Debt” numbers: 13, 14, 16, and 19. Empirical research shows that these numbers inherently represent a greater amount of challenge than most other numbers.

Why does person A endure much more unavoidable personal adversity throughout his life than person B? You reap what you sow—everything you say, do, think, and intend–and most of that doesn’t come back to you until future lifetimes. Number mysticism, like astrology and other esoteric sciences are based on the concepts of reincarnation and karma. Comprehensive charting reflects personal karma.

While no single number by itself completely reflects specific life circumstances and events, the collective, patterned energy of hundreds of factors does. The occurrence of multiples of the number 16 in a person’s comprehensive numerology charts typically signifies conditions as outlined in the following two instances:

  1. A pattern of ruthless pride and, or vicious arrogance. A fitting example is a prior or bishop in the Middle Ages underhandedly outmaneuvering opponents, ruining the lives of others for his own career advancement and power. Thus, his soul chooses, in future lives, to directly endure the maliciousness he generated: cheating; misapplication of authority, tearing apart families; accusing others of crimes (e.g., witchcraft) to gain politically; high status not earned but taken in the past, so now he must struggle open-endedly while his peers move up the ladder. Personal injustice is a recurring theme in his life today.
  2. Another appropriate example is someone who abused her romantic power in past lives: emotionally betraying others; breaking promises; abandoning loved ones; cheating on a spouse or romantic partner. Today, she now must endure what she inflicted on others, and it frequently manifests as a series of broken relationships, including having to deal with recurring abandonment.

Other energies that relate to the number 16 include repression, excessive solitude, over-analysis, depression, being drawn to clandestine activities, conspiracies, friends moving away or otherwise unexpectedly leaving your life, excessive pride, collapse of ego-self ideals, and extreme secrecy.

Note: The number 16 must show up throughout the natal and timing charts to have a considerable representative impact. Simply having the number 16 (or any other number) show up in one or a few places in your comprehensive charts, such as the Day of Birth, or sum of Month and Day of Birth isn’t enough (although it can be a clue).

The uncommon rewards of 16 can sometimes include sudden, unexpected gains, and a very positive upward correction in one’s life direction, as well as significant power. However, material rewards aren’t regularly linked to the number 16; instead, financial loss is all too common.

The usual rewards involving 16 are simple: spiritual awareness and wisdom. After hitting rock bottom, having to endure humbling experiences such as a fall from grace, the ego-self is deflated and a stronger connection to the authentic self remains. There is nothing left to lose and in their solitude they can’t help but be awakened to some of life’s secrets. Consequently, those with an over-abundance of the number 16 in their comprehensive charts have a higher than average likelihood of becoming mystics. Spiritual power is common, with a nagging distant memory of the consequences of the misapplication of it (i.e., black magic), compelling them to maintain honorable conduct.

It’s absolutely viable to know the approximate times an individual will encounter their most important life circumstances and events through comprehensive astrology and numerology. The knowledge allows you to plan and prepare, reducing your risk.

Our Numerology Decoder Software correctly calculates Karmic Debt Numbers (such as 16 and 19) and Master Numbers (such as 11 and 22). Although it’s a “basic chart” program and not a comprehensive charting program, it’s a great tool to help you practice basic number mysticism in your everyday life, increasing your awareness, thus reducing your overall risk:

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