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Astrology, Numerology and Prediction: Timing of Predestined Events Q & A

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“I have a question regarding the timing of events in one’s life and how accurately those timeframes can be predicted. I’ve been to my share of psychics in my life and many have been quite accurate when it comes to predicting an event but their timeframes are usually completely off even if the event unfolds at some point. Some, maybe even most have been off by years on some things. How do you account for events that are delayed because we fail to take action or take the wrong action?”

My findings clearly show that predetermined events aren’t “…delayed because we fail to take action or take the wrong action.” Fate happens when it’s supposed to happen, sometimes due to the action you take (also fated), and other times it happens no matter what you do.

“How can you possibly predict the timeframe of an event (job change, promotion, meeting a significant other, and so on) with any accuracy given how fickle and unpredictable human beings are?

To understand how it is that personal fate and the related timing can be measured, I suggest that you consider a broader perspective.

After witnessing, as I have, the continual recurrence of patterns (comprised of scores of individual considerations) in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts absolutely representing conditions and circumstances in peoples’ lives, it’s very easy to embrace the concept of personal fate.

Patterns in the comprehensive charts emerge through years of obsessive discipline; the circumstances of people’s lives are irrefutably represented. Just as with years of speaking a foreign language, proficiency is assured–you become adept at immediately converting patterns into spontaneous comprehension, with little need for reflection.

For example, you find multiple natal patterns that, in your empirical research, have always symbolized great wealth. You also find very few related mitigating natal patterns. These notions flow to the forefront of your consciousness and since you also notice that the subject’s upcoming collective timing supports this natal dynamic, you’re confident of his or her future affluence.

You must put aside the mundane and consider a wider scope involving predestination. The soul chooses its fate for specific reasons relating to spiritual growth. The reasons may be rewarding or challenging, but since they are chosen by the soul, they are unavoidable by the personality; soul to personality or ego-self is analogous to a martial arts master to a child who is just learning to walk.

Also, although humans may be fickle, they are largely predictable. I’ve found their behavior to be connected to a unique, predetermined set of circumstances and events. Generally, people don’t change.

“A psychic may tell me, in two months you are going to meet your future wife or find a new job but then I end up not taking any action or the ‘wrong’ action and it doesn’t happen, then how can events be fated to happen in a predestined timeframe?”

The problem is the erroneous time-frame the psychic relayed to you, or that psychic inaccurately predicted something that isn’t part of your personal fate.
In my view, at least 75% of the core circumstances, conditions, and events in your life are predetermined. The other 25% is still bound by the parameters of your personal fate (or “destiny,” which is the same thing), yet you have free will to create within those restrictions. Psychics sometimes do perceive things in that 25% zone that won’t ever manifest.

“I’d like to hear your thoughts on this because it would seem that if events are delayed then there is really no way to know for sure when something will happen and impossible to give an accurate prediction for when something will occur.

Events aren’t “delayed.” My results show they happen when they are predestined to happen. Again, the real issue comes down to accurately predicting when it will happen. No psychic is 100% accurate, all the time.

It’s my job to objectively relay my findings, and my findings show that personal fate (the key events and circumstances in your life) is measurable. If the idea of predestination depresses you, take comfort in the notion that the rewards in life are also destined and that you can get what you want at least some of the time, as long as that desire doesn’t conflict with the limitations of your personal fate.

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