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11-11-11: The Essence of Insignificance

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Ready or not, here comes November 11, 2011.

What’s that, you say? You haven’t prepared for it? Good, then you haven’t wasted any thought-energy on the meaninglessness of 11-11-2011.

“I keep seeing three-number sequences. For instance, while watching a video about the 11:11 phenomenon on Youtube on my iPod, something which I dismissed as nonsensical, the video crashed and the app quit back to the home screen. I looked at the time, and it was 01:11. I am quite scared now; I do not understand this. What is the meaning of it?”

There’s no reason to be afraid. While there is a Full Moon on 11-10-2011, along with a number of ordinary universal afflictions during that month, you have every reason to feel confident about completely dismissing the notion of 11-11-2011 being of any importance whatsoever, at least beyond that of any other date. More information here to address your concern:

Escapism sells, and it’s too often mistaken for spirituality. The routine hyping of non-events is unfortunate because it misleads and just makes it more difficult for authentic practitioners, sullying the image of all that is genuinely mystical.

11-11-2011 isn’t 11-11-11, it’s 11-11-4. The sub-factor of 11 in 2011 holds minimal symbolic impact compared to the root number (4, in this case).

Nobody seemed to notice 11-11-1901, 11-11-1910, or 11-11-2009, and they may not notice 11-11-2018 either (all four dates are legitimate 11-11-11s). Besides, considering the plethora of indicators derived from the month, day, and year, it’s entirely possible for dates without the number 11 as a month, day, or year to hold more 11 energy than dates with an 11 month, day and, or year.

Next, the “2012 phenomenon,” which is as inconsequential as 11-11-2011:

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