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Chinese Astrology Q&A: You Aren’t a Barnyard Animal

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“I am born on May 8th 1966 and am a fire horse. I have a series of relationships behind me including a relationship with a rooster born December 19th 1969. I am so tired of picking the wrong relationships and with all the confusing information out there, I am longing for advice on which Chinese zodiac sign really truly fits me best?”

It’s strongly recommended that you avoid relationships with roosters or any other animal. Unless you really are a horse, date humans only.

I’m of the opinion that comprehensive Chinese astrology is of value, but it is mostly unavailable to the public. The Chinese astrology you’ve been exposed to is an abbreviation of the original body of esoteric science.

A simple test of whether or not a personality analysis or predictive system is valuable—it consistently offers a very high accuracy rate—is this: if you, being a novice, can obtain results (albeit, inaccurate) in a matter of minutes or less after a quick review, it’s useless. Oversimplified forms of Chinese astrology, along with Sun sign astrology and other, similar modes fall into this regrettable category.

Now, despite the irrelevance of these distorted approaches, once you move beyond the surface form of any body of science, it becomes very valuable.

It’s very similar to a foreign language. Learning a few Japanese phrases before immersing yourself in the culture won’t help you. You’ll be lost. It’s the same with comprehensive astrology and numerology (and handwriting analysis) in that you must take the time to learn and practice the language to expect to have any level of success with it.

Therefore, sorry to say that there is no “Chinese zodiac sign that truly fits (you) the best.”

Please see this article for more information.

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