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Numerology and Addresses: 5 Tips

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“Hi, I’m planning to buy a house that has the number 8818. Does this number give a positive vibe, is it a good number for a house? It does have a lot of 8s in it. I don’t know if it matters, but my birth date is 1/16/84.”

My view is that every number has a distinct set of qualities, and numbers symbolize everything, including the energy of houses, buildings, and units within those buildings.

5 Tips in how to apply number mysticism to building addresses and unit numbers:

  1. The overall symbolic energy of an address and, or unit number can’t really be described as “good” or “bad.” But it can be positive or negative in relation to a specific matter, such as working from home, love life, or family relations.
  2. You can’t just choose a seemingly rewarding building or unit number, such as associated with finances, and expect things to be in your favor. Number symbolism doesn’t work quite like that—it doesn’t make things happen.
    The way to go about it is to define what you want in a house, building and, or unit, see which ones are available, select the most advantageous and reasonable one (e.g., competitive price, decent location, etc.), then get into the representative power of the number symbolism.
    Especially telling (prophetically) can be the symbolism of the address and, or unit with which you naturally end up.
    However, if you have several places from which to choose on your final list of options and it feels right to review the number symbolism prior to your ultimate decision, the application of numerology to select the most suitable one is probably part of the plan (i.e., predestined).
  3. It’s important to relate the numbers of the address and, or unit number to your personal comprehensive natal and timing numerology charts. One address and, or unit number might symbolize success for person A’s career, but symbolize steep challenges for person B’s career.
  4. Even the most dreaded numbers, albeit often unjustifiably, such as 13, 16, and 19, can symbolize great rewards and overall positive events and circumstances, depending on the occupant’s personal comprehensive charts.
    In spite of this, I’ve found particular numbers to regularly symbolize a greater than average amount of misfortune for everyone, including, but not limited to the following: 200, 2000, 400, 4000, 900, and 9000. Note: 900, for example, could be a stand-alone 900, such as “900 North 15th Street,” or it may be part of a sequence like “2912 East Rose Street.” Although these are two different vibrations, they have similar relevance.
  5. Give more importance to the unit number rather than the building address in the case of apartments, condominiums, and office suites, yet consider both. Street name or number, city, state, and country can also be reviewed, but locational numerology and astrology is a different matter.

Please see this article for more information about addresses and numerology, including symbolism of the root numbers 1-9.

Although it’s impossible to make address numerology your magic genie and give you anything you want, it’s feasible to increase your awareness through number symbolism, decreasing your exposure to risk.

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2 Responses to “Numerology and Addresses: 5 Tips”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    What effect does numerology have on the owner of rental properties. If I were to buy one with a karmic debt number, would it affect me negatively even though I’m not living in it?

  2. Scott Petullo Says:

    Numerology symbolizes, it doesn’t “affect” (i.e., make things happen), just as astrology doesn’t “affect.” Owner or renter, numerology represents circumstances in both people’s lives. Also, “Even the most dreaded numbers, albeit often unjustifiably, such as 13, 16, and 19, can symbolize great rewards and overall positive events and circumstances, depending on the occupant’s personal comprehensive charts.”

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