Personality, Compatibility, and Personal Timing Are Measurable With Comprehensive Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, and Numerology

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7 Requirements to Discover True Compatibility

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One of the most common inquiries I receive is whether or not two people are compatible (romantically or professionally).

Modern astrology approaches the matter employing the basic natal chart of each through “synastry,” where Ptolemaic aspects and connections between the houses and planets are outlined. They might also compare elements (fire, air, water earth), or other elementary components of the basic natal charts.

Unfortunately, such an approach offers very low accuracy rates, particularly involving computerized reports. The heartfelt prose, references to “consciousness” and Jungian concepts (warping the tenets of ancient astrology with psychological notions), and stunning imagery, which is an important part of escapist spirituality, only serve to obfuscate the uselessness of modern astrological methodologies. As unsympathetic as this may sound, it’s important to point out because the awareness can save you an enormous amount of time and hassle.

Relentlessly, the collective findings from handwriting analysis and comprehensive charting involving astrology and numerology reveal that favored modern astrological methods such as synastry, progressions, transits, lunar and solar returns, and others are only suitable to top off an existing, comprehensive analysis. Alone, they aren’t worthwhile.

The following must be done to discover true compatibility:

  1. Thoroughly outline each person’s personality through handwriting analysis. In doing so you uncover subconscious character, identifying key relationship issues, such as level of self-esteem, emotional maturity, conflict avoidance, withdrawal, fear of intimacy, and restlessness.
  2. Thoroughly outline each person’s personality through comprehensive astrology and numerology, using tried and true ancient methodologies.
  3. Thoroughly delineate each person’s collective timing through comprehensive astrology and numerology, using tried and true ancient methodologies.
  4. Acknowledge that (relating to romantic connections) some people, overall, have rewarding life-long love karma, some people have fair life-long love karma, and others have challenging life-long love karma; you find out which sort through the above-mentioned analyses.
  5. Recognize that one’s collective personal timing, if favorable in relation to love life, can symbolically somewhat mitigate one’s life-long challenging love life karma. Alternatively, tough personal timing can, representatively, seriously impede one’s love life.
  6. Understand that although some connections include questionable compatibility on a personality level, shared collective harmonious timing can function largely as the base of the connection and make it more agreeable.
  7. Recognize that the “unexplainable draw” (frequently in the beginning) in largely, overall discordant connections shouldn’t be confused with blessings or reward—the intense attraction in this case serves to help them fulfill the karmic plan, however ultimately unpleasant from a non-spiritual perspective.

In determining true compatibility, you increase your awareness, deepen your understanding of another, and dramatically reduce your risk.

Copyright © 2011 Scott Petullo

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