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Q & A: Life Direction and Purpose

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“I want to know more about the cycles of my life, my karmic lessons. I want life direction and truth. I want to know the purpose of this incarnation. What am I suppose to learn in this life. I want to know the finer points defined, not ambiguities like the ones I’ve been procuring from books.”


Please see this blog post about outlining one’s life purpose, and a link within it that leads to my Life Purpose Package:

I’ll address your individual concerns below.

1. Cycles of your life

Everyone has 100s of personal time cycles operating at any given time, not to mention the universal cycles and how those have to do with your natal and timing charts.

To tell you about the energy of each one would take a very, very, long time. What’s much more important is the collective energy of all your time cycles and how they relate to any given area of your life.

This is how I operate: I focus on specific issues you convey to me (vs. “tell me everything you see”). I interpret the overall energy of the patterns of my systems of analysis ( relating to the matters on your mind.

2. Karmic lessons

These aren’t as cut and dry as you may have been led to believe. Everyone has multitudes of unique challenges, select few are sometimes represented by the “karmic lessons” in basic, modern numerology, but most others aren’t. The Life Purpose Package is a fabulous way to gain a solid understanding of all your strengths and weaknesses:

3. Purpose of this incarnation, what you are supposed to learn in this life, finer points defined, etc.

Again, see the link above for Life Purpose Package.

In my view, the best way to accurately identify personality strengths and challenges is through handwriting analysis in conjunction with comprehensive astrology and numerology. Also, comprehensive astrology and numerology serve to outline spiritual matters, such as personal fate and karma.

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