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Money Timeline Overall Money Ranking
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Included with each Money Timeline is a personalized Overall Money Ranking. The Overall Money Ranking illustrates, in general, how rewarding or challenging your finances are destined to be in this life compared to the average person’s finances.

Average finances (indicated by an “Average” Overall Money Ranking) are characterized by average money acquisition and net worth, relative to the society in which a person resides. Average is often comfortable, but not wealthy.

The Overall Money Ranking displays the median money acquisition and net worth conditions throughout a person’s life. Considering this, it’s entirely possible for a person to have, for example, a “Very High” Overall Money Ranking and, to society’s standards, be very poor at the present time. In this scenario, they would eventually end up being very wealthy, despite their current financial state.

An “Average” Overall Money Ranking is probable in about 2/3 of the population and “Low” and “V. Low” are more common than “High” and “V. High.”

The following Scale is used including the subsequent values: 

    V. Low     Low      Average     High     V. High



V. Low (Very Low)




V. High (Very High)

A person with, for example, an “Average” Overall Money Ranking will have more agreeable finances during a “Most Rewarding Money/Abundance Times…” period than a person with a “Low” Overall Money Ranking during the same type of Period.

Alternatively, a person with, for example, a “High” Overall Money Ranking will have more promising finances during a “Most Rewarding Money/Abundance Times…” period than a person having an “Average” Overall Money Ranking during the same type of period.

The amount of monetary prosperity or challenge in each person’s life is relative to their Overall Money Ranking level.

The Overall Money Ranking considers both numerology and astrology personality aspects and cyclical timing. Comprehensive numerology and astrology can be used to delineate character traits, compatibility, and to predict fate.

Numerology and astrology personality aspects (along with handwriting analysis) represent who the person is, and the cyclical timing aspects represent where the person finds themselves at any given time (when).

Very favorable personality and timing indications, for example, indicate a life with far more inherent advantage than adversity. A person might have personality aspects indicating an “Average” Overall Money Ranking, but if they have, for instance, an abundance of excellent money cyclical timing throughout their life, it will boost the Overall Money Ranking to a higher than average grade.

Please note that an Overall Money Ranking of “Average” or below does not mean that the person can’t make the most of their finances. Being proactive, avoiding a passive or victim mentality disposition, and doing everything possible to detach from and rise above challenge allows for a better life.

Angelina Jolie's Overall Money Ranking

V. Low     Low      Average     High     V. High