Personality, Compatibility, and Personal Timing Are Measurable With Comprehensive Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, and Numerology

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& Self-Realization
Life Purpose Package
Do you want to know why you're here on Earth, how you are truly exceptional?
Have you ever wondered about your unique talents, specific objectives, and what you can offer the world?
Success equates to knowing who you are, what you want, and taking appropriate action to get to where you want to be, living a satisfied and happy life.  
But what if you’re not sure about what you’re good at or which is the best route for you?
The Life Purpose Package offers you tremendous clarity about your unique talents, personal fate, and how you are extraordinary.
It empowers you and helps to reduce the stress and worry about which path to follow in life, career, and otherwise.
The Life Purpose Package is ideal for the following:
bullet Adults interested in a career change or who are at a crossroads in life.
bullet Young adults or students looking for their optimal occupational route.
bullet Those wanting confirmations about their personality characteristics, what they have to offer the world, and path in life.
bullet Those satisfied with their livelihood, but who want to fine-tune or expand it.
bullet Those who would like to know what parts of their personality they need to change or overcome in order to reach particular goals.
bullet Parents wanting to guide their teenage children toward the most appropriate life direction.
bullet Coaches who want a reliable and proven tool to help their clients.
bullet Anyone else interested in more self-awareness and a more fulfilling, meaningful life.
bullet Few people in this world effectively do what Scott Petullo does. There are many  practicing astrologers and numerologists, but none of them use such a unique and penetrating form of comprehensive ancient and modern astrology and numerology to so accurately assess personal fate and karma. Since 1992, Scott has been obsessive about refining his systems, adding methods and techniques that prove to be effective, and disregarding those that prove to be invalid.
bullet Scott also effectively applies comprehensive handwriting analysis (graphology) to get to the core of personal character. Graphology, handwriting analysis, is classified as a branch of psychology by the U.S. Library of Congress. Please visit this page for more information about graphology.
bullet Each custom-formatted Life Purpose Package is extensively more complex and accurate than any available computer generated outline or report, self-test method, or subjective testing system.
bullet Due to technological limitations, it's impossible at this time to design software capable of creating an accurate personalized life purpose evaluation. Computers can't yet reason quite like humans; weighing and psychically extracting precise meaning from countless patterns is only something an experienced analyst can do. It would require decades of non-stop programming by a team of software engineers to establish a computer program that could begin to automatically format this type of sophistication without human assistance.
bullet You won’t ever find a simplistic “this means that” approach with Scott Petullo’s work, such as the following--“Here is a (single astrological, numerological, graphological, or other analysis method indicator), so it means this...” In fact, he’s a firm advocate of multiple checks and balances and using more than one form of delineation and prediction.
bullet Scott Petullo’s systems adhere to the following practice: accuracy demands that hundreds and hundreds of astrological, numerological, and graphological indicators be carefully weighed and scrutinized because the energy of any single consideration is either supported or wiped out by the other considerations.

V. Low     Low      Average     High     V. High


Using the above Trait Evaluation Graph to measure more than 85 personality traits, The Life Purpose Package examines and identifies the following through the science of comprehensive handwriting analysis, astrology, and numerology, empowering you with self-understanding:

bullet Your conscious and unconscious fears and defenses—uncovering your hidden fears and defenses is the first step in healing and becoming the best you can be.
bullet What motivates you—you may think you know what you want, but do you know what your subconscious mind really wants? Recognition, approval, personal accomplishment, social involvement, and security are five of the ten areas that are assessed in this section.
bullet Your intellect and mentality, including analytical ability, logical thinking, abstract thinking, imagination, flexibility, and much more.
bullet Your work habits, such as determination, independence, attention to detail, leadership and decision making ability, ability to manage, direct, and delegate, and more.
bullet Your personal dynamics, such as persistence, initiative, cautiousness, and more.
bullet Your communication skills, including ability to communicate effectively, diplomacy, persuasiveness, and a lot more. This invaluable insight about your actual communication skills, beyond the persona that everyone has, beyond the conscious mind, can be a tremendous help in your self-improvement efforts.
bullet Your social skills, such as tolerance, spontaneity, compassion, consideration, consistent personality, and more.
bullet Your personal strengths and talents.
bullet Your personal challenges.
bullet Your compatibility with six specific work and career categories including Practical, Conventional, Dynamic, Analytical, Social, and Creative, and which area may be best for you. Each of the six categories also includes common personality traits, occupational orientation, and associated typical careers.
bullet Your financial health and money issues, including the following important topics: acquisitiveness; altruism; organizational skills; risk-taking; self-defeating behavior; and more.
bullet Your relationship and love life issues, including the following important topics: fear of commitment; emotional maturity; fear of intimacy; restlessness; self-esteem and ego strength; sex, excessive interest or disinterest in; fear of trusting people; and more.

PLEASE NOTE: The analysis of personality traits using the Trait Evaluation Graph in the Life Purpose Package allow you to understand your subconscious personality, the unconscious part of your character. The Life Purpose Package includes assessment of over 85 individual personality traits. 

People’s unconscious drives often conflict with their conscious desires. For instance, a person might consciously think, “I deserve more money.” However, if their subconscious mind (which rules the conscious mind), due to hidden fears and defenses believes, “I’m not worth it,” internal conflict can potentially block success, considering it is within their personal fate to acquire more money.

Simply discovering one or more potential financial, love life, or other personal blocks with the intent to take the necessary steps to heal yourself can assist you in reaching and exceeding your goals. Handwriting analysis can help you identify those blocks.

In summary, the Life Purpose Package includes comprehensive assessments of the following:
bullet Vital personality areas to help you become absolutely aware of your unique challenges and strengths so that you can capitalize on your abilities: motivations, intellect, work habits, personal dynamics, communication skills, social skills, and more.
bullet Your compatibility with six specific work and career categories so you'll have a better idea about which types of work are appropriate for you.
bullet Select financial and money issues in order to identify possible problem areas so that you can make the most of your financial life.
bullet Select love and relationship issues in order to identify possible problem areas so that you can make the most of your love life.
(Over 85 personality traits evaluated in the above four sections!)
The Life Purpose Package also includes the following:
bullet A written report, about one page in length, including your life purpose associated dynamics as symbolized by comprehensive astrology and numerology. This section includes vital personal fate and karma fundamentals and general types of work and, or career basics so you know more about your life from a spiritual perspective.
bullet The written report mentioned above includes some relevant personal timing. In other words, you'll find out about the approximate timing of one or more select, destined, future circumstances in your life, such as approximately when your career is most agreeable, as outlined by comprehensive astrology and numerology.
bullet A written paragraph or two, including feedback about your life purpose related matters as discerned psychically to give you additional insight from a spiritual perspective, by author and clairvoyant Stephen Petullo.
The Life Purpose Package offers you results:
bullet Save yourself weeks, even months worth of expensive therapy and counseling.
bullet Know which parts of your personality require more focus, therefore leapfrogging the anguish, hidden costs, and time of getting to know yourself better.
bullet Avoid incurring costly and time consuming career path mistakes.
bullet Save enormous amounts of time and money by finally being aware of what is right for you and what isn't.
bullet Begin feeling gratification and joy regarding your life direction sooner, rather than later.
A final note:
There are times in most people’s lives when they are predestined to work at projects and, or jobs that they don’t immediately find fulfilling. Spiritually speaking, everything serves a purpose, and even the most menial jobs are often part of a person’s fated path. Furthermore, one’s life purpose may not always involve a specific rewarding career (in terms of fame, money, etc.) and everyone may have several important life purposes. For example, raising a child, caring for a family member, emotionally supporting a close friend, or helping someone financially could all be key life purposes. Everyone’s life purpose is different, and it’s recommended, for optimum happiness, to follow your dreams but at the same time, to have realistic expectations. With more awareness and maturity, it becomes clear how each and every experience fits into the higher plan.

After purchasing a Life Purpose Package, you will be emailed a request for several things including birth information, a handwriting sample, related information, and you will be asked to complete an in-depth questionnaire which will assist Scott in getting to know you and your current circumstances.

You're welcome to contact Scott by phone or e-mail with your concerns or questions about the Life Purpose Package before you purchase.

If you don't hear from Scott via email within 72 hours (3 business days) after placing your order electronically, assume there was a technical problem that prohibited him from receiving your order by email. Under these circumstances, please contact me directly.  

Results returned to you usually within 7 business days. All sales are final. When placing your order, please indicate a phone number at which you can be reached if necessary.