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Love Life Timeline Overall Love Life Ranking
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Included with each Love Life Timeline is a personalized Overall Love Life Ranking. The Overall Love Life Ranking illustrates, in general, how rewarding or challenging your love life is destined to be in this life compared to an average love life.

An average love life (indicated by an “Average” Overall Love Life Ranking) does not live up to the ideal, which is characterized as, for example, including “perfect” love relationships, similar to those in fairytales. “Average” is nice, but not great.

The love relationship ideal category of “Perfect” would be a life-long theme involving flawless love life karma. This does not exist. It sometimes appears to exist, but then hidden sacrifice is eventually revealed. Or, one person or a couple might pretend that it exists (for themselves and/or for others), but this too fades. If the category of “Perfect” did exist, it would be beyond a “V. High” Overall Love Life Ranking, and would include first rate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual compatibility with all romantic partners. It would also include a total lack of strife, hardship, and friction related to love relationships.

An “Average” Overall Love Life Ranking is probable in about 2/3 of the population and “Low” and “V. Low” are more common than “High” and “V. High.”

The following Scale is used including the subsequent values: 

    V. Low     Low      Average     High     V. High



V. Low (Very Low)




V. High (Very High)

A person with, for example, an “Average” Overall Love Life Ranking will have more agreeable love during a “Most Rewarding Love Connections” period than a person with a “Low” Overall Love Life Ranking during the same type of Period.

Alternatively, a person with, for example, a “High” Overall Love Life Ranking will have more fulfilling love during a “Most Rewarding Love Connections” period than a person having an “Average” Overall Love Life Ranking during the same type of period.

The amount of love life reward or challenge in each person’s life is relative to their Overall Love Life Ranking level.

Please note that an Overall Love Life Ranking of “Average” or below does not mean that the person can’t make the most of their love life. Being proactive, avoiding a passive or victim mentality disposition, and doing everything possible to detach from and rise above challenge allows for a better life.

Also, a lower than “Average” Overall Love Life Ranking indicates that a person has chosen, on a higher-self or soul level, to “balance” a higher than average amount of love life karma in this particular lifetime. In light of this, it’s possible that that same person would have improved love life prospects in their next incarnation (or at least in one of the next ones) if they deal with their current love life karma satisfactorily.

The Overall Love Life Ranking considers both numerology and astrology personality aspects and cyclical timing. Comprehensive numerology and astrology can be used to delineate character traits, compatibility, and to predict fate.

Numerology and astrology personality aspects (along with handwriting analysis) represent who the person is, and the cyclical timing aspects represent where the person finds themselves at any given time (when).

Angelina Jolie's Overall Love Life Ranking

V. Low     Low      Average     High     V. High