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The Futility of Sun Sign Astrology—7 Examples

Monday, December 8th, 2014
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Modern astrology, including horoscopes and Sun sign astrology, is ineffective. The skeptics are generally correct; it’s mostly for entertainment purposes.

Your Sun sign is the sign the Sun was transiting at the time of your birth. For example, between approximately November 22 and December 21 each year, the Sun transits the sign of Sagittarius (in the Tropical zodiac). Thus, adherents to modern astrology label a person born under this window of time a “Sagittarius.”

Believe it or not, every sign in the zodiac is represented in your comprehensive charts. In the vast majority of cases, the Sun is a minor player compared to other factors in the personality and timing charts.

While I believe it’s possible for very intuitive people to use basic astrology and numerology as touchstones for consistently accurate personality analysis or prediction, the vast majority of those who dabble in Sun sign astrology lack this ability.

Sun sign astrology is an easy trap to fall into. Other than as a conversation piece, it’s insignificant.

Alternatively, determining which heavenly body dominates a person’s comprehensive charts, for instance, tells you infinitely more than Sun sign astrology or horoscopes.

Seven examples of the futility of Sun sign astrology are listed below.

  1. You walk into a stadium of 10,000 people, all of which share the same Sun sign. You won’t be able to conclude which Sun sign they share, unless you venture a lucky guess, because people generally don’t look like their Sun sign. People appear more like their rising sign (Ascendant), and the heavenly bodies associated with it.
  1. You compare your Sun sign with your prospective mate’s—Libra and Capricorn. Unfortunately, Sun sign astrology won’t tell you anything about authentic compatibility. The Sun sign is only one of hundreds of factors in the comprehensive charts. Using it, alone, for compatibility analysis is like using hair color exclusively.
  1. You’ve always liked Cancers, so you hire a caretaker who is a Cancer, expecting that person to be like the handful of others you’ve known—responsible and caring. She turns out to be a terrible hire, one of the least responsible people you’ve ever known. Though her Sun is in Cancer, you didn’t know it’s heavily afflicted. She also possesses severe personality red flags that can’t be detected through modern astrology triviality (but can be detected through handwriting analysis).
  1. You select the Aries on your team to lead the new project, expecting him to have the most drive and determination to get the job done right. Later, you’re disappointed because you realize he’s the wrong match for the job. Sun sign astrology didn’t account for his other personality traits that dominate.
  1. You’ve just met a Capricorn and after a lengthy conversation, you’re confused because he didn’t seem like the serious, emotionally detached type. You’re further perplexed after you find out he’s a talented writer and loves to socialize.
  1. Those born under the Sun sign of Gemini are supposed to be the most versatile and clever of all. Don’t bet on it. Examine the most multi-faceted professionals in any field and you won’t find any more Gemini Sun people than any other Sun sign.
  1. You think it’s a match made in heaven because both people have Pisces Sun sign. Lots of compassion and unconditional love, right? Wrong. Sun sign astrology doesn’t account for one of these Pisces being a domineering abuser and the other being co-dependent. Instead of a match made in heaven, you have a very dangerous combination.

Modern astrology trivialities like Sun sign astrology won’t serve you beyond entertainment. As with any discipline like comprehensive astrology, you must learn the language to be able to use it constructively.

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