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Q&A: Self-awareness Doesn’t Negate Who You Are

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011
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Hello I’m 22 years old and I’m fascinated by astrology. Does knowing your sign and your birth chart information such as the planets in the signs and their degrees affect you? For example, if I know that my Mars is in Scorpio at 9 degrees, and I read the description for the placement and it says you’re aggressive, secretive, etc., by knowing the description does it have the reverse effect and make me not aggressive or secretive? I tend to be conscious of them and their descriptions and I feel that by knowing them that I will no longer possesses these signs and position that I was born under.

Self-knowledge is a step in the right direction to try to help mitigate negative, inborn personality traits. Also, hypnosis audios, affirmations, and positive thinking can certainly help with self-growth and to get more out of life.

However, my findings firmly indicate that it won’t help you eradicate much of your personality (the personality features you can’t change); you can only “rise above” so much. Please see this blog post about what you can and can’t control in your life:

It’s important to understand that in astrology, there is no “this (single indicator) means that (distinct personality trait).”

As an example, above you equate Mars in the sign of Scorpio as “aggressive, secretive, etc.” The truth is that out of all the people who have Mars in Scorpio, some aren’t aggressive and secretive at all, some are only moderately aggressive and secretive, and some are very aggressive and secretive.

One factor, such as Mars in Scorpio in your basic natal chart, is only a hint—one that you need to follow up on by weighing the other 500+ indicators (the patterns those indicators form) in the comprehensive charts. Handwriting analysis and numerology also help to round out a solid system of checks and balances.

Genuine astrology really is as complex as any language to learn. Also, the Internet is the black-hole of astrology (and numerology and handwriting analysis) misinformation. Please see this blog post regarding the matter:

You may think you’re able to eternally triumph over your character deficiencies, but you probably aren’t even fully aware of them, and to the degree in which you possess them. Furthermore, while under pressure, your unique subconscious fears and defenses will emerge–you can count on that. Repressing who you are only works for so long before it surfaces, like trying to hold a beach ball under water.

Even so, seeking self-knowledge and awareness of others is commendable and allows you to reduce your overall level of risk. Just make sure to go about it beyond surface techniques.

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