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Risk of Relying Exclusively on Gut Instinct for Decision Making

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
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According to a survey by workplace psychologists company OPP, over 70% of all line managers in the UK would reverse the decisions they’ve made about employees/staff if they could:

This study exemplifies the problem with relying exclusively on gut instinct, rather than objective analysis for decision-making, such as in hiring and promotion decisions. It also could relate to your personal life regarding who you decide to trust.

Although I agree that gut instinct is crucial, I suggest that you back up your decision-making with thorough, more impartial precautions and analyses, such as traditional security investigations and those based on handwriting analysis and comprehensive numerology and astrology. The cost of objective assessments pale in comparison to the cost of reversing the decision and the potential security risk.

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Measuring Success: You Must Look Beyond Mere Personal Qualities

Thursday, April 1st, 2010
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Talent, abilities, intelligence, constructive opportunism, and discipline are behind almost every major success story, such as Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Madonna, Steve Jobs, and Tiger Woods.

Although many successful people had lucky breaks and were the beneficiaries of unusual circumstances, such as being in the right place at the right time that allowed them to seize a great opportunity, I believe it’s far from being only attributable to “luck.”

The unique advantages on their road to success that these people enjoyed aren’t arbitrary, and they aren’t undeserved. The findings of my long-term empirical research tell me they are part of the tapestry called predestination.

It’s been said that, for example, Bill Gates having a keen interest in computers at the dawn of the personal computer age, while miraculously having access to rare computing technology through his private school starting in the eighth grade (when it was seldom available at the college level), was just a very fortunate break.

However, I believe that’s an erroneous way to look at it. Bill Gates had those opportunities because it was his rewarding karma, which he earned. It was no accident, and it’s perfectly fair.

To say, for instance, that “…the same opportunity wasn’t provided to others and that’s not fair…” is misunderstanding the role of personal fate.

While I’m of the opinion that everyone should have equal rights, it’s not society’s or government’s role to divvy up success in equal parts to everyone. You can’t replicate personal destiny, but you can have an equal playing field where everyone is free to seek the opportunities they desire.

Individual merit, I believe, is intimately tied to past life accomplishments; you bring with you the opportunities, talents, abilities, and rewards that you have earned from past incarnations.

Following a successful person’s “blueprints,” such as Lady Gaga’s image branding, style, outspokenness, and more, might get you more success, but you’ll only have as much success as outlined by your karmic plan.

This may sound “fatalistic” or even depressing to you, but it’s important to avoid keeping score only with material success. There are other forms of success, and you can’t take the tangible rewards with you when you leave any way.

However, by all means, do your best and go for it. Follow your heart and make the most of your time and effort.

Just be aware of the theory that success has a very spiritual angle and is much more than just a set of personal qualities and luck.

Copyright © 2010 Scott Petullo

Astrology, Numerology and Event Planning for Groups: Each Person’s Charts Must Be Considered

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010
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Event planning, such as for determining optimum timing for multiple people demands that each person’s individual personal charts be assessed.

A common mistake made by modern astrologers is to consider universal indicators exclusively. The problem is that any single one means different things to different people.

It’s reasonable to consider universal energies such as eclipses, transits, retrogrades, etc., but you must then see how they relate to each person’s comprehensive charts.

See this page for more info about universal indicators:

An optimum date and time for you may very well be a negative for another person.

Also, instead of asking the analyst, “Is this a good date/time?” You must be more specific,  such as “Is this a good time for making the most of promotion?” Different times are appropriate for different objectives.

Copyright © 2010 Scott Petullo

Helpful Review of 9 Background Check Services

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010
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You can do a fair amount of basic background checking and security investigations yourself on sites such as Intelius.

Check out this background check services review of 9 of the most established on-line background check services:

These on-line services can greatly help you reduce your risk in your personal life, career, or business, but there are 6 major concerns with their introductory offerings:

  1. Make sure to check multiple state records, or you could potentially miss red flags.
  2. A criminal record or court case notation on such a site could just be something as innocuous as a traffic violation.
  3. You have to sort through all the results yourself.
  4. There is no guarantee that such databases are totally up to date and inclusive.
  5. A conviction from years ago might not show up if the statute of limitations has expired (e.g., seven years in CA after the sentence has been served).
  6. The Fair Credit Reporting Act blocks civil judgments from being reported by background check companies after seven years and bankruptcies after ten years.

An additional, very real concern is that if a scoundrel is very good at covering their tracks, they could have a clean record because they’ve never been caught.

It’s recommended that you conduct thorough investigations of anyone put in a position of trust, using multiple forms of assessment, including handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology.

Copyright © 2010 Scott Petullo

Perform a Background Check on Yourself

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
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Worried about your potential or current employer possibly obtaining erroneous data about your background?

Similar to checking your credit score, is a service that allows you to check public records to make sure your reputation isn’t marred unjustly.

Their basic package includes identity verification (to make sure nobody is using your social security number), past addresses (used to determine which state, county, and city records will be searched), a national criminal records search, and more.

Alternatively, you could run a standard background check on yourself through one of the more common background check services:

Also, you can rest easy because that arrest for streaking at midnight on Halloween over a decade ago won’t show up on the background check databases since the statute of limitations expires for most arrests after ten years.

Copyright © 2010 Scott Petullo

Employment Screening and Background Check Didn’t Catch Murderer

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010
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Standard employment screening and background checks routinely miss vital details, such as in the case of Dr. Amy Bishop, who allegedly went on a shooting massacre at the University of Alabama:

The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act dictates that an arrest or dismissal (as in Dr. Bishop’s case—she escaped prosecution for killing her brother over seventeen years ago, and for an attempted pipe bombing after that), can’t be reported after seven years, unless the person makes more than $70,000 a year.

Ostensibly, her former employers, who knew about her attempted pipe bombing, were concerned about legal issues if they informed her prospective employer (U. of Alabama) about the issue. This is very common, where the former employer is afraid to say anything that could have legal consequences, so divulges only the bare minimum about the former employee, such as dates of employment.

Not surprisingly, her supervisor at University of Alabama found no red flags in her background check and employment screening.

Even if she had been convicted of a crime, many states’ (such as CA) statute of limitations runs out seven years or so after a sentence is served, for example, then it can’t be reported.

What do you do in the above situation, or when the person has a  spotless history, such as in this case where a teacher was arrested on suspicion of child cruelty for allegedly physically abusing one of her students?:

You’ve got to cover all the bases in your personal life, in your business if you’re a business owner, and in your career if you’re a hiring supervisor.

To do that, I recommend thorough background checks and employment screening, including a range of evaluations, such as handwriting analysis, in conjunction with other psychological testing methods, along with thorough interviews by multiple staff members (or at least get feedback from friends and acquaintances about personal, non-professional connections).

Incidentally, example red flags that would likely show up in a thorough assessment involving comprehensive astrology, numerology, and handwriting analysis of the alleged shooter mentioned above (if she consented to such an analysis and, or it was warranted based on feedback from a former associate, for example) include deep resentment, obsessive behavior, sensitivity to criticism, lack of impulse control, as well as other psychological problems. In such a case, the analyst would advise the hiring supervisor to investigate further the applicant’s personality. Please note that such clinical terms wouldn’t necessarily be utilized by the analyst due to legal concerns, and that the analyst’s main responsibility is to identify whether or not the subject is a match for the demanded job skills.

Considering the possible consequences, it pays to make an effort to reduce your risk through thorough appraisals.

Copyright © 2010 Scott Petullo

Effectiveness of Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment Questioned

Friday, February 26th, 2010
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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most popular psychological personality assessment tools in existence today.

The basis of the test includes four main sets of attributes: Extraversion-Introversion; Sensing-Intuition; Thinking-Feeling; and Judgment-Perception. The theory is that you predominantly are or do one or the other: extraverted or introverted; sense or intuit; think or feel; and judge or perceive.

While I believe there may be some value in this sort of evaluation, particularly in helping to determine social inclination, for example, two things must be kept in mind:

  1. This is a self-assessment test, which means that it may not accurately reflect the true personality of the subject—especially when they are under pressure to match a desirable set of personality traits, as in a job interview, and they figure out the intent of the questions while taking the test.
  2. Many people aren’t on either extreme of the four personality areas outlined above, so the test may erroneously reflect their true personality even if they fill it out objectively—and they may get totally different results each time they take it since the test labels you as either-or and nothing in-between.

Interesting related article:

In order to get an accurate read on personality, I strongly suggest that you apply a wide range of evaluations, including some or all of the following: various psychological testing methods; feedback from multiple objective sources; and my favorite, because it’s impossible to fake the test results, handwriting analysis along with comprehensive astrology and numerology.

Copyright © 2010 Scott Petullo

Career Assessment Evaluations and Career Coaches

Friday, February 19th, 2010
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Professional coaches can give you vocational guidance, along with a lot of encouragement during a job search, or in your existing livelihood. However, the typical psychological evaluations utilized to help you further define your skills (e.g., Myers-Briggs) can be too general and indistinct, as mentioned in this article:

Even so, coaches can be very valuable in helping you to identify the significance of your existing experience, to help you identify realistic professional goals, and help you stay on track to success.

But what do you do if you want to get into a totally new career and you would like to identify, in detail, your subconscious motivations and abilities to help you make the most of your new venture? You need career assessment methods that delve deeply into your personality, such as handwriting analysis in conjunction with comprehensive astrology and numerology.

Copyright © 2010 Scott Petullo

Background Checks are Advised Under Appropriate Circumstances

Saturday, February 13th, 2010
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It’s recommended you take a cautious approach with everyone you interact extensively or do business with, and even if you don’t have any doubts about their integrity, avoid opening yourself up to excessive risk.

Reduce the risk in your personal life or in your business through background checks. You can do part of it yourself through newspaper and industry specific databases, or through basic on-line background check sites like

Just be aware of the fact that no matter how thoroughly you check someone’s background, if they are sneaky enough, you’ll miss key red flags. Therefore, I recommend alternative methods such as handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology in conjunction with conventional methods.

It’s commonly known that many government and law enforcement jobs demand background checks as a prerequisite for hire, but there exist many other situations where thorough background checks are appropriate, as outlined in this article:

Stay safe with thorough background checks.

Copyright © 2010 Scott Petullo

Ethical Security Investigations

Saturday, February 13th, 2010
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Whether it’s personal or business, I recommend you look into a person’s background thoroughly before you invite excessive risk into your life.

You can do some of the personal history checking yourself through various on-line sources, for example, or you can hire a private investigator or security firm for more thorough checks.

Please note that you won’t uncover red flags if the person is good at covering their tracks. I recommend alternatives in conjunction with traditional background checks and security investigations, such as handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology.

In all types of security investigations, it’s imperative that you’re fair and ethical. Overstepping legal bounds in security investigations can have dire consequences, such as in the case of this private investigator:

While it’s important to reduce your risk, always avoid violating invasion of privacy laws, such as with illegal eavesdropping (tapping phones, keystroke-loggers/spyware on computers, et al.).

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