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Q & A: Sign of Scorpio and its Ruler Mars

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012
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“I was wondering how masculine mars can rule a feminine sign like Scorpio? I’m not sure if the ancients saw Scorpio as the sign of sex, perhaps that was assigned to Leo and the 5th house? Also, if Scorpio does rule sex, isn’t that more of the domain of the feminine (perhaps sharing more in common with the moon?) which governs the mysteries of birth, death, the womb, etc…? Also, mars doesn’t seem like to be a reflective energy, it just acts on impulse, whereas Scorpio is instinctive and determined it is also introspective? Thank you!”

Empirical observation over many centuries resulted in the most fitting rulers. It’s best to avoid seeing an issue between a masculine planet and feminine sign–they don’t have to match to be ruler/ruled—and I recommend avoiding over-simplifying the matter of sex.

I wouldn’t say Scorpio rules sex exclusively, at all. Sex related to astrology is a complex issue. It’s not one sign, it’s not one house, and it’s not one planet. There are dozens of variables.

Also, sex is not exclusively the domain of the feminine. Be careful to avoid embracing warped modern astrological concepts.

As to Mars not being “a reflective energy” and Scorpio being what you imply, Mars doesn’t have to be “reflective” to rule Scorpio, to be blunt, and whether or not Mars represents acting on impulse depends on its health and many other factors. I wouldn’t say the sign of Scorpio automatically can be linked to determination and introspection either.

Again, I recommend avoiding modern astrological theory, for the most part. It will only mislead you. Psychological astrology is largely a distorted version of authentic astrology–too creative in a detrimental way, like bratty, immature children playing a game, making up the rules to suit a self-serving agenda.

Mars is masculine, nocturnal, and overall a problematic force, but it can be made a very positive force through excellent health and placement. The sign of Scorpio is a feminine sign, as in energy coming to it, not moving outwardly from it, like with masculine signs. Also, please don’t confuse “feminine” (related to astrology) with beauty and grace.

Mars is also dignified in the sign of Aries, and it is exalted in the sign of Capricorn. I recommend studying the planets first, then how they function in the various signs.

Please see this article, along with the linked articles at the end for more information about astrology:

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