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Caution: Mars and Saturn Retrograde March 2014

Monday, February 24th, 2014
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As displayed in the 2014 astrology bar graph in this blog post, Mars and Saturn are retrograde starting the beginning of March. Additionally, Pluto is retrograde starting April 14.

Mars retrograde: 3-1-2014, 8:23 a.m. PST, 27 degrees 31 minutes Libra.

Saturn retrograde: 3-2-2014, 8:19 a.m. PST, 23 degrees 19 minutes Scorpio.

Pluto retrograde: 4-14-2014, 3:47 p.m. PST, 13 degrees 34 minutes Capricorn.

Retrograde representatively harms a heavenly body’s health; it’s one of many possible afflictions. The worse a heavenly body’s health, the more important it becomes toward symbolizing negative circumstances.

A Mars, Saturn, or Pluto retrograde by itself, in a universal sense applied to everyone, wouldn’t make much of a symbolic impact. However, these three retrogrades combined, along with the following details, caught my attention:

  1. Saturn is transiting the sign of Scorpio. Mars rules the sign of Scorpio (in ancient Greek/Egyptian/Arabic astrology, which I’ve found to be more accurate than modern astrology or Hindu astrology). A heavenly body’s ruler by sign has a direct impact on its health. Thus, the health of Saturn at this time is made even worse because its ruler (Mars) is not only retrograde, but in detriment (bad health) by sign, transiting the sign of Libra. An unhealthy Saturn is very undesirable.
  2. As mentioned above, Mars is retrograde and in detriment by sign, transiting the sign of Libra (until the end of July). This makes for a very adverse Mars.
  3. The ruler of Mars by sign while it transits the sign of Libra is Venus (Venus rules Libra). Venus is not retrograde, but it is in detriment (bad health) by sign during most of May as it transits the sign of Aries (which is ruled by Mars). The secondary ruler of Mars by sign during its transit through the sign of Libra is Saturn (Saturn is exalted in Libra).
  4. Transiting Pluto is retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Saturn’s poor health is noted above and lasts through most of July. The secondary ruler of Capricorn is Mars (Mars is exalted in Capricorn). As noted above, Mars is significantly debilitated until the end of May, and still in poor health until the end of July.

Therefore, based on sign rulerships and retrogrades alone, which have a significant impact on a heavenly body’s overall well-being, Mars and Saturn are essentially very inebriated, unable to help one another as they stumble around, looking for trouble. Mars is belligerent, wants to start a fight, and since he’s with Saturn, authority figures are involved. Venus, not quite as inebriated, joins the wicked duo in May and makes things more complicated. Pluto further complicates things in April and May.

Read more about the frequency of retrogrades, transiting retrograde possible circumstances, and other information about retrogrades starting at about two-thirds through this blog post.

Again, a single universal affliction doesn’t mean much relative to everyday happenings. But multiple afflictions at the same time have a much greater symbolic impact. A lunar eclipse and solar eclipse also occur during April (additional afflictions), further figuratively aggravating conditions. Read more about eclipses here.

February through May 2014 spans a period in which the negative circumstances are at a peak involving the above-mentioned phenomena. I wouldn’t refer to it as a “perfect storm,” but it’s a fascinating collusion of negative symbolism. I state February instead of early March because my findings show that the difficulties symbolic of retrogrades start in the weeks leading up to the beginning of the retrograde.

If Mars and, or Saturn (or Moon and, or Sun during the eclipses) are very healthy in your comprehensive charts, you have less to be concerned about. However, the more unhealthy they are, the more these negative circumstances will symbolically impact your life.

The harsh symbolism is potent for an individual born under this window of time, as well as any significant union or endeavor commenced; it’s inauspicious relating to the circumstances outlined in the second linked blog post above and the final paragraph below.

In a collective or worldwide sense, these combined negative energies could be said to symbolize heightened geopolitical tensions. Political turmoil and civil strife involving violent clashes between protestors and police in Thailand, Venezuela, and Ukraine are occurring at this time. Could I have predicted today’s troubling scenarios in these specific countries years ago, based on the above celestial afflictions? No. However, the evil forces of the noted hazard zone, February through May, do emblematically exacerbate existing circumstances. Things just get worse.

Please note, in this blog post, and this blog post, I explain why my work focuses mostly on individuals instead of mundane predictions involving geopolitical concerns, financial markets, and entire economies.

Please do go about your business like you normally would. Just be a little more careful. Greater strife and misdirected aggression than normal, enemies reappearing in your life, power struggles, heightened fears, issues with authority, father issues, as well as very sluggish progress with on-going projects, are key concepts during this period from February through May signified by the cosmic incidents outlined above, including Mars and Saturn retrograde.

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