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Posts Tagged ‘Ptolemaic aspects’

Common Astrology Trap: Heavy Emphasis on Ptolemaic Aspects

Monday, April 11th, 2016
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“I have retrograde Saturn quincunx Midheaven. Saturn is in Sagittarius and midheaven is in cancer. Saturn is in 2nd or 3rd house depending on system you use. I was wondering if you could tell me the general idea of this arrangement?”

My advice to you is to avoid modern astrology methodologies, such as excessive focus on Ptolemaic aspects, particularly minor ones.

An example of a major Ptolemaic aspect is an opposition, which happens every time there’s a Full Moon; the Moon opposes the Sun.

While such factors can certainly allow you to get a sense of the symbolism of astrology, my findings show they are only useful for finishing a comprehensive analysis using ancient methodologies. By themselves, they won’t reveal much.

Your natal Saturn quincunx your Midheaven indicates it’s not directly associated with that particular angle (10th house cusp). They are of a different modality (cardinal, fixed, mutable), and different element (fire, air, water, earth). On the surface, they have little in common. But that doesn’t tell you much about your authentic personality, fate, or timing.

Consider Ptolemaic aspects to be like the icing trim on the top of a huge cake; they are a very insignificant part of the overall cake.

Instead of modern astrology, I recommend studying and applying ancient methodologies, from about 300 BC to 1700 AD.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Petullo

An Easy Astrology Trick to Limit Your Risk: Moon Transits

Monday, January 27th, 2014
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Easy to learn astrology is like easy to learn Chinese Mandarin. It really doesn’t exist. Real astrology is as complex and difficult to learn as any foreign language.

However, there exists an easy astrology trick that can help limit your risk a little, as long as you follow this advice: avoid relying on only one or a few considerations, as a comprehensive approach involving patterns of considerations is necessary for consistently high levels of accuracy in astrology and numerology delineation and prediction.

A Brief Story…

Over the last few years, I’ve flown frequently on various airlines and I’ve received the dreaded “Your itinerary has changed…” e-mail from multiple airlines seven times, indicating my flight times were changed, sometimes drastically. Flights at less desirable times are substituted for the flights you initially reserve so that the airlines can maximize the number of passengers on each flight.

The flight time changes have ranged from inconvenient (e.g., leaving at 6 a.m. instead of 9 a.m.) to downright ridiculous (e.g., adding an additional flight segment, making the trip six or more hours longer).

What do all of these seven changes over the last few years have in common? Every itinerary change e-mail arrived in my in-box during a Moon transit opposing my natal Sun. In other words, the sign the Moon was in at that time was the opposite sign as the sign in which the Sun was at the time of my birth.

I’ve been tracking Moon transits since the late 1980s and I have an enormous amount of empirical evidence to support my theory, observing the circumstances in hundreds of people’s lives relative to their natal configurations: whenever the transiting Moon and, or Sun oppose your natal Sun (and, or your natal Moon) your wishes, desires, and plans will be opposed, simply stated.

Astrology Trick: There exists a much higher likelihood that you will endure more of life’s annoyances and everyday troubles when the transiting Sun and, or Moon oppose your natal Sun and, or natal Moon. Things are just a lot more likely to not go your way. Thus, if you’re making important plans, consider scheduling the big event, if possible, during a time when there aren’t any Moon or Sun oppositions to your natal Sun and Moon.

Oppositions include the following: Aries is opposed to Libra; Taurus is opposed to Scorpio; Gemini is opposed to Sagittarius; Cancer is opposed to Capricorn; Leo is opposed to Aquarius; Virgo is opposed to Pisces.

Here’s a free, three-month sample of our Moon Void of Course Calendar, allowing you to track Moon transits. Moon Void of Course is another easy astrology trick, one that can also help you limit your risk to some degree. Our perpetual Moon Void of Course Calendar is included in our Direct Your Destiny e-package.

More on Ptolemaic aspects such as oppositions, as well as Moon Void of Course and other basic astrology information here.

To identify your natal Sun sign and Moon sign, if you don’t know them already, I recommend using the Tropical zodiac instead of the Sidereal zodiac. A simple Internet search for “free basic natal astrology chart using Tropical zodiac” will likely allow you to easily identify both your Sun sign and Moon sign. However, if your Sun or Moon is in very early or late degrees (i.e., 00 to 02 degrees or 28 to 30 degrees), you may want to ask a professional to verify it for you. I’d be happy to if I’m able to make the time. Send a message to me via the Contact page on my site and make sure to relay the date, time, and location of birth—and please fully identify yourself, as I ignore anonymous e-mails.

Note: it takes a lot more than Moon and Sun oppositions and Moon Void of Course to symbolize the major life circumstances and events in your life. Tracking transiting Sun and Moon oppositions and Moon Void of Course (among other short-term and surface indicators) will only allow you to know when you’ll have more frustrations and minor, everyday troubles. These and other short-term cycles are for a very narrow period of time. Thus, they serve only as an introduction to prediction. Alternatively, my findings clearly show that pattern recognition involving hundreds of astrology and numerology indicators including long-term cycles (ranging from years to decades) is a sure way to consistently, accurately predict key life circumstances and events in your life.

Ptolemaic aspects, such as squares, oppositions, conjunctions, etc. are trivial considerations relative to comprehensive charting, but you can use this easy astrology trick to marginally limit your risk.

Copyright © 2014 Scott Petullo