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Astrology and Timing: How to Avoid Disastrous Investments

Monday, August 10th, 2015
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Many people realize that timing matters. But you may not realize that avoiding disastrous investments or big purchases is entirely viable through the awareness gleaned from comprehensive astrology and numerology.

“What is the best day to add new investments to my portfolio?”

My findings show there exist inauspicious times to make important purchases and investments.

I witness unpropitious outlays and the resulting mishaps regularly as I track multitudes of people going about their everyday lives. They just aren’t aware of the importance of timing, or they reject the notion.

This may sound like boasting, but I believe it’s necessary to clarify how my work is different from the “astrology” you’ve been exposed to (e.g., horoscopes, Sun sign astrology, computer printout readings, and other superficialities). I’ve earned the golden key to the temple of understanding (which cycles and indicators matter and to what extent) by compulsively doing this sort of work—constantly observing, reflecting, and analyzing–for many years.

Some ominous periods of time relate to everyone, such as during phases of concurrent universal afflictions, but much more often it’s more personal, as related to comprehensive natal and timing charts. Sometimes it’s both. The periods can last for months (even years), or for days or mere hours.

You can attempt to make the most of your personal fate (e.g., maximize profits) by investing when universal and personal timing is most favorable. This is known as electional astrology (and numerology).

However, I recommend a different, more practical approach: go about your business, as you normally do, without any knowledge of universal and personal cyclical timing. Then, select a few days and times to make your investments and, or purchases and tell me the days and times you selected. Your choices (and when you made your decision and scheduled the days and times), without any foreknowledge of the cycles, are very revealing.

Based on that approach, I can tell you how auspicious (on a scale of 1 to 100, for example) the planned investment or purchase is, allowing you to avoid disaster.

Everyone has different timing, and you owe it to yourself to make the most of yours.

Copyright © 2015 Scott Petullo

Astrology and Numerology: Everyone Has Different Timing

Monday, November 24th, 2014
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The core situations and events of your life are symbolized by multitudes of astrology and numerology indicators. To the trained eye, they form patterns on specific points of the timeline of your life.

To those who doubt the validity of astrology and numerology, I don’t believe in the astrology and numerology you’ve been exposed to either. Horoscopes and similar trivialities have nothing to do with authentic astrology and numerology. The sciences have been distorted beyond recognition in the last few centuries. The horoscope trap simultaneously leads the uninformed astray and justifiably invites skepticism.

Living like an eremite and sacrificing my personal life for many years in order to determine the most effective methodologies was worth it; my systems of analysis allow me give you the most accurate assessments possible.

Just as everyone’s fingerprints are unique, even among twins, so is everyone’s personal timing. The highs and lows of your career, finances, relationships and more are discernable through comprehensive astrology and numerology.

Universal timing factors, such as Mercury retrograde and eclipses, have common themes, but relate to each person differently, despite what you may have read on your favorite astrology site. A robust transiting Jupiter, for example, could be part of personal configurations that represent rewards for one person, and financial challenges for another. Personal timing is symbolically either a friend or foe.

I use rigorous statistical methods yielding repetitive patterns, identifying predictable turning points in your life so you can plan ahead. Periods in your life, favorable or unfavorable, for various things, including high-risk financial pursuits and speculation, are identifiable.

Having your future predicted won’t cause you to surrender your personal power. The key conditions and happenings of your life can be mapped; they aren’t arbitrary. Not knowing where the road you’re on leads to doesn’t deny the fact that the beginning leads to the end.

Life is cyclical and timing matters. Give yourself an edge by having your timing interpreted so you can minimize your risk and make the most of the lucrative phases in your life.

Copyright © 2014 Scott Petullo

Case Study: Hidden Truth About Prospective Business Partner

Sunday, November 16th, 2014
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Uncertainty about a prospective business partner, employee, romantic interest, or other new person in your life is a common problem.

Consider the following scenario involving two potential business partners. Antonia was having a tough time accurately assessing Alex’s character. How much of the appeal was due to being away from her office, at a conference at an exotic location, and how much was authentic? How could she confirm her feelings that Alex would be a great business partner in her new venture? She needed more time, and a fresh perspective before she made a decision.

Here’s what Antonia needs to know:

  1. Overall compatibility between her and Alex, which includes key relationship issues, true motivations, and identification of potential red flags.
  2. Whether or not her collective personal timing is symbolic of excessive risk in business matters at this time—if so, a new business partner could represent serious problems.
  3. Whether or not the collective universal timing at the approximate time she first met her prospective business partner was negative or positive. Negative extremes in universal timing are ominous, though personal timing is more important.
  4. Whether or not her prospective business partner’s collective timing symbolizes challenging extremes, such as problematic finances—if so, this new business partner would be a drag on her professional prosperity.
  5. The type of conflict resolution style her prospective partner possesses.

Conventional wisdom may not tolerate esoteric methodologies, but you owe it to yourself to limit your risk, make the most of your life, and avoid surrendering your power.

Copyright © 2014 Scott Petullo