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Numerology Q & A: Significance of a Specific Date

Monday, July 4th, 2016
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“Today is 6-16-16. Any significance to that date?”

Yes, there’s significance to every date, though in ways you may not realize.

On the surface of the date 6-16-2016, you have the 16th day of the month, and the 16 of 2016.

The double 16 (and the three sixes) may seem like an unusual quantity, but since many numerology indicators are derived from any given full date, other dates may have just as much or more of that number.

Besides, although the year 2016 includes a 16, it’s not purely a 16 vibration– 2+0+1+6 = 9.

Thus, in numerology terms the date 6-16-2016 is really 6-16-9, not 6-16-16. The 9 from 2016 carries much more weight than the 16 (a sub-factor) in 2016. A pure “6-16-16” won’t happen until the year 2059.

By the way, I had a revelation several years ago that life on this planet will end in the year 2752, which happens to be a universal year of 16 (2+7+5+2). The date showed up at the doorstep of my mind while in a meditative state and I hope by then, if I happen to be right, civilization relocates to another inhabitable planet before any impending doomsday event.

In my view, connecting mere universal dates such as 6-16-2016 and related universal factors to mundane happenings or geopolitical events, for example, isn’t feasible. There are too many variables to consider, at least without quantum computing and artificial intelligence. At this time, it’s just not possible to offer forecasts such as “Today is 6-16-2016, therefore the world should expect this (specific happenings, events, etc.)…”

The aforementioned information relates to universal vibrations, which are undercurrents relative to your personal numerology patterns.

Personal numerology factors (derived partly from universal factors, such as the universal year) form patterns and tell me an enormous amount of information about your compatibility with others, and your personality and overall timing.

The number 16 is a very mystical number, yet in a mundane sense it’s difficult to handle. It’s like the number 7 (16 = 1+6 = 7), but more challenging because it carries with it more karmic burden than average. That burden relates to collapse of ego-self ideals, which translates into all sorts of troubles in everyday life. Typical concerns include relationship problems and difficult life transitions. The number 16 forces you to turn inward, and although the going can be rough, the number 16 in its highest form symbolizes mysticism and spiritual power.

While 6-16-2016 may represent a turning point toward significant rewards in life for one person, it may represent the opposite for another.

While you may have great compatibility with someone born on a specific date, someone else doesn’t.

Everyone’s timing is different, and compatibility is unique between every two-person combination.

More information about the date of birth and numerology can be found here.

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