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Divorce From The Perspective of Astrology

Monday, April 6th, 2020
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A Washington Post article about Rudy Giuliani’s 2019 divorce includes this statement: “It’s hard to explain why a marriage falls apart, or why two crazy kids once madly in love end up going at each other’s throats.”

From the standpoint of comprehensive astrology and numerology, it’s easy to see why Rudy Giuliani and Judith Giuliani divorced.

I know this viewpoint is controversial, but once you see, as I have, the constant repetition of personal astrological and numerological patterns regularly corresponding to key circumstances in people’s lives, it’s easy to embrace the idea of fate, such as predestined unions and separations.

People’s astrological and numerological orbits cross, the chemistry is there between them, sometimes it endures, and sometimes it doesn’t. The patterns in the charts reflect it all and the end result isn’t surprising to me. The only thing surprising to me is that some people refuse to acknowledge that there are many things in life that you have no control over.

The study of couples in relation to personal timing is fascinating.

Time and time again, changes in collective personal timing, mutually in a couple’s favor, cements the bond and enriches their rewards. However, without fail, significant adverse changes in collective personal timing of one or both partners dissolve the connection.

They may choose to stay together as friends, but they both know the relationship has radically transformed or even ended. The same dynamic applies to any other two-person arrangement; collective natal and timing patterns either symbolically pull people together, or force them apart.

According to the Washington Post article linked above “Nathan and Giuliani met in 1999 at Club Macanudo, an East Side cigar bar. Nathan, divorced from her second husband, was a hospital sales rep and a trained nurse. Across the room: Mayor Giuliani…Sparks flew. ’It was the thunderbolt,’ he told the New York Times. ‘Our attraction was instantaneous. There was almost something mystical about the feeling.’”

Considering their natal and timing patterns, this makes a lot of sense to me, because there is a lot of mystical (albeit too dreamy and idealistic) energy between the two. The patterns in the charts firmly show it wasn’t meant to endure after that mystical energy faded. Additionally, their respective collective timing also sent them in different directions, hence the break-up.

The case for keeping a marriage together is strong.

The desire for companionship, raising children, and financial concerns are valid reasons to maintain a union. But if money isn’t an issue, there aren’t any kids, and both partners are happy with finding companionship elsewhere, it seems pointless to maintain the façade of marital bliss, especially if one or both partners become increasingly difficult to live with.

Although conventional points of view struggle with explaining breakups, from the vantage point of comprehensive astrology and numerology, separations aren’t a mystery. The best two people can do is accept that many things don’t last forever, avoid blame, and remain friends.

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