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Numerology: Numbers 4, 13, and 22

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011
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“Please help me. All over the world 13 is considered to be an unlucky number. According to numerology 13=1+3=4. Therefore, 4=13=22. I want to know is number 4 also unlucky like number 13. I have stopped doing important works on date 4. Also i dont do anything 4 times, as i consider it to be like number 13. Please help me on this as my day to day activities are getting affected.”

The short answer is that any number can be unlucky in excess. No single number is lethal by itself
, as one single factor of hundreds in the comprehensive numerology charts. I recommend that you avoid viewing the number 13 or 4 as patently unlucky, at least any more than any other number.

Although 13 and 22 share the same root number (4), there are many differences.

The number 4 is considered the number of death in many Asian cultures (8 and 9 are viewed as “lucky” in some of those same cultures). However, 4 has many positive qualities and its bad image isn’t justified, in my view. Every number has three sides: balanced energy, over-balanced energy, and under-balanced energy.

4 relates to structure, stable finances, organization, efficiency, and productivity, just to name a few. An emphasis on the number 4 in your collective timing can be a very positive thing, especially if you seek stability.

In its over-balanced or under-balanced form, for example, it can symbolize health challenges, rigidity, excessive analysis, lack of humor and enjoyment, repressed emotions, dishonesty, neglect, impracticality, and neurosis.

In spite of the negative features related to the number 4 listed above, you shouldn’t fear it. Timing is symbolically strongest in a collective sense (involving dozens of indicators), never with a single indicator.

13 is commonly considered to be unlucky, but I believe that is more superstition than truth. A “Karmic Debt Number,” 13, in an over-balanced and under-balanced sense, relates to restriction, degeneration, health concerns, triviality, immaturity, emotional problems, over-spending, and betting the farm at the track, so to speak (and losing). Note: simply having the number 13 (or any other number) show up in one or a few places in your comprehensive charts, such as the Day of Birth, or sum of Month and Day of Birth, in itself, is too insignificant—it must show up throughout the natal charts (and timing charts) to have a considerable representative impact.

On the balanced side, 13 can relate to tremendous drive, power, rebirth, endurance, levelheadedness, prudence, and fantastic success. More about the number 13 here:

The number 22 is more spiritual in the sense that it is linked firmly to the other side and signifies big plans and undertakings. Practical, yet dynamic and rare vision relates to the number 22–enlightened awareness manifesting extraordinary things. The Great Pyramid is perfectly symbolic of the number 22. On the over-balanced and under-balanced side, 22 is linked to psychosis and (often very successful) organized crime.

Our Numerology Decoder Software correctly calculates Karmic Debt Numbers (such as 13 and 16) and Master Numbers (such as 11 and 22). Although it’s a “basic chart” program and not a comprehensive charting program, it’s a great tool to help you practice basic number mysticism in your everyday life, increasing your awareness, thus reducing your overall risk:

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