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8-8-8 and the Occult: August 8 2015

Monday, July 6th, 2015
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August 8, 2015, or 8-8-8, is a date of notable occult meaning.

“Occult” simply refers to secret knowledge. Unfortunately, due to the bastardization of the word, it has unwarranted associations with darkness and evil.

8-8-8 is important because triple number sequences possess a higher than average amount of other-dimensional symbolism. I’m referring to the other side, as in what you encounter after this life (whether it’s of a high or low vibration). My theories are based on my long-term findings.

Double numbers such as 22 and 33 (otherwise known as “Master Numbers”) and triple numbers denote extraordinary prospects, yet more risk. Consecutive numbers can be either negative or positive, based on the related patterns in the comprehensive charts.

8 is derived from 2015 through fadic addition: 2+0+1+5 = 8. August is the 8th month of the year; August 8, 2015 yields 8-8-8.

The representative energy of a triple (or double) calendar date occurrence such as 12-12-12 is largely indistinct.

You probably won’t notice anything out of the ordinary on August 8, 2015, August 17, 2015, or August 26, 2015. All three dates are 8-8-8.

However, the exceptional symbolism becomes evident in observing the recognizable lifetime themes of individuals born on such a date (e.g., August 8, 1934; August 8, 1943; August 8, 1952; and so on).

Patterns exemplifying life circumstances and events in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts are formed by multiple factors. Those factors are derived from the full birth data, including the date of birth.

See this article for information about those who have the number 8 heavily represented in their comprehensive charts.

The following information about the number 8 is from our Numerology Decoder Software:

Number Symbolism

Copyright © 1998 Scott A. Petullo Corporation

8: The number 8 is tied to influence, money, karma, action, business success, business failure, control, material objects, status, loss, gain, administration, management, ego, leadership, power.

Balanced 8 energy: prosperous, high-powered, commanding, stamina, self-confident, persuasive, financial awareness, effective, ambitious, businesslike, clear-headed, disciplined, material freedom, honorable, enterprising.

Over-balanced 8 energy: abuses power, cold-blooded, egotistical, overreaction to money, scheming, aggressive, materialistic, corrupt, demanding, domineering, preoccupied with power and money, unsympathetic, over-ambitious, confrontational, rebellious, coarse.

Under-balanced 8 energy: passive, vulnerable, fearful, insecure, avoids power and money, poor judgment, gives personal power away, shortsighted.

Each universal vibration or date, such as 8-8-8, means different things to everyone, based on your unique comprehensive charts. Everyone’s timing is different.

Don’t worry about 8-8-8, or any other date such as 6-6-6, being a window of mystical vulnerability. There’s nothing to fear. Such gateways of time are part of periodically transpiring phenomena symbolized in the modern calendar, which I believe is linked to universal intelligence.

Copyright © 2015 Scott Petullo