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Mars Goes Direct June 29 2016

Monday, June 27th, 2016
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Mars goes direct June 29, 2016 at 4:38 p.m. PDT (23 degrees, 03 minutes Scorpio) after being retrograde since April 17, 2016, as shown in this bar graph.

Although Mars retrograde doesn’t actually involve Mars turning around and retreating, it does appear that way from Earth due to the planets’ respective orbits.

An aside, my findings show astrological phenomena symbolize events and circumstances in people’s lives instead of influencing or making things happen. Signs, including those above in the heavens, are all around you and have effectively served as omens for eons.

Mars goes retrograde for about 80 days, about every two years. Mars represents masculine energy, action, competition, fights, strife, enmity, and a lot more. The further a heavenly body is away from the Sun, the longer the duration of retrograde.

Retrogrades are considered an astrological affliction, but only one of many and it takes multiples to make a significant symbolic impact. Also, as with any universal event (e.g., eclipses, etc.), pay attention to where it occurs in your natal patterns to get the most insight.

Since Mars has to do with, in part, strife, aggression, action, and the utilization of energy, Mars retrograde period can involve, for example, dealing with an enemy from the past, misdirected anger, or taking a different approach in how you deal with dissension. For some, Mars retrograde is a non-event and for others it’s emblematic of key life circumstances.

The magnitude of the circumstances depends on your natal patterns, including the potency and health of your natal Mars. Generally, the worse shape your natal Mars, the worse the conditions.

At the very least, vitality may be diminished or the execution of personal energy may be out of sorts. Inward, instead of outward directing of energy—repression—is symbolic of Mars retrograde, especially with those born under Mars retrograde.

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