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The Truth About Astrology and Auspicious Wedding Dates

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011
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“What are the best dates to get married in 2011? I’ve heard that June 5, 2011 is the absolutely most auspicious day. What do you think?”

Through comprehensive astrology and numerology, the languages of personal fate, it is entirely possible to identify years and months that a person is destined to meet love relationship partners.

Marriage, the actual wedding date, is a different matter and is related more to legal concerns (marriage is a legally binding agreement) and celebrations, also identifiable in the charts.

Identifying the most favorable date and time to initiate something (e.g., marriage vows) or for a special event (e.g., wedding) involves weighing universal cycles, and it’s recommended that they are weighed in conjunction with unique personal cycles. Electional astrology (or electional numerology) is an attempt to make the most of circumstances and even to cheat personal fate, which is about as likely as growing fairy wings and flying to Venus.

What Really Matters in Delineating the Success of a Marriage

Four things are paramount in love life success, in this order:

1.    Unique natal configurations of each person

2.    Unique natal timing configurations of each person

3.    Compatibility, involving above two matters

4.    Approximate time, pardon me, times the couple met, started dating, and first had sex

The actual marriage date is almost irrelevant from the standpoint of your unique predetermination.

However, it is certainly telling to delve into the charts of the marriage date and time that is naturally selected, the date and time that is chosen because it’s most convenient, without the assistance of an astrologer and, or numerologist.

Auspicious Dates for Everyone Don’t Exist

While select dates and times can be more favorable for new beginnings in the way that everyday things may go more smoothly, the truth is that auspicious astrological and numerological dates and times that override personal predestination are nonexistent.

Any single day (and, or specific time) might be more favorable than average for person A, yet much more challenging than average for person B, so it’s a losing battle to try and select a favorable date for both.

Be wary of any astrologer or numerologist who tells you that a certain day of the year is “lucky” for everyone. Any one individual might have steep personal challenges represented in the charts even on those days largely free of various universal afflictions.

It’s smarter to simply select a date when you believe the weather will cooperate, as a carefully selected wedding date won’t make or break the success of your marriage.

Still, if you insist on attempting to minimize potential mundane challenges such as spilled wine or arguments between family members, I suggest this: offer three different dates and times and I’ll tell you which date and time involves the fewest hassles, the overall energy most conducive to smooth sailing for the event. 

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