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Natural Disasters and the Full Moon, Lunar Perigee, 3-19-2011

Monday, March 14th, 2011
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A Lunar Perigee is when the Moon’s orbit is closest to the Earth.

Since it occurs this week during a Full Moon (March 19, 11:10 a.m. PDT 28 degrees, 47 minutes Virgo), it’s been called a “Supermoon.” The gravitational pull is even greater than usual.

Therefore, you might expect more of an impact, such as with the earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011, since this is the closest the Moon will be to our planet in the past 18 years.

However, as John Bellini, a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey points out, “A lot of studies have been done on this kind of thing by USGS scientists and others (and) they haven’t found anything significant at all.”:

Astrologers (and psychics) who focus primarily on mundane events like natural disasters, geopolitical events, and other worldly happenings are constantly predicting dire events, and they can’t help but get a hit once in a while.

The only way to play fair in the mundane prediction game is to post every single prediction you make on your website and let your viewers see your hit ratio. It’s doubtful you’ll ever see that happen.

Truth be told, if you identify every Lunar Perigee (and Lunar Perigee/Full Moon or New Moon combination) over the course of recorded history and look for correlations involving increased seismic activity, you won’t see any significant patterns at all.

Unfortunately, New Age, spiritual promoters regularly employ these types of catch phrases:

1.    “…more and more natural disasters are happening now, things are getting worse…it’s coming to a tipping point…”

2.    “…time of major, unprecedented changes in the world, major transition for all so you can ‘ascend.’”

3.    “…the intensity of climate change is accelerating to a point beyond what this planet has ever seen…”

4.    “…this is a perilous time in the history of humanity when all cycles of life are out of balance…”

5.    “…it’s hard to see reality clearly now since it is ‘shifting’ so rapidly…and time is ‘speeding up’…”

6.    “…unless mankind becomes more compassionate and loving, we’ll have more natural disasters until we are jolted awake into this new, spiritual reality…”

7.    “…to heal the planet and stop the disasters, you must surrender a non-spiritual way of living…”

Please ask the sensationalistic, poetic, profiteers to list the “unparalleled” disasters of today that they refer to, and then equate them to historical norms. You’ll find that this point in history is quite average in comparison, all events considered. Also request that they supply you with their findings of how “time is speeding up,” the “major transition” they speak of, and how “cycles of life are out of balance.” Pop goes the balloon of delusion when it bursts, but it sure is profitable while it lasts.

What’s really “unprecedented” today is the power of news media and the speed of information flow, which creates the illusion of extraordinary events, unlike anything throughout history. Turn off the TV and refresh your perspective.

An aside, this line appears in the above-linked article: “…(It should be noted that astrology is not a real science, but merely makes connections between astronomical and mystical events.)…”

That’s entirely false, since the theories derived from pattern recognition in authentic astrology are empirically based. Astrology is a science by definition, but after the science authorities had their way during the Age of Reason (1700s), it was officially classified as pseudo-science.

It must be said also that today’s “astrology,” at least that which you and every traditional scientist has been exposed to, on-line and elsewhere, is trivial nonsense–the “not real science” label does apply in that case.

A key mistake modern astrologers make today is ascribing only one factor to an event or circumstance (e.g., “Supermoon = catastrophe!”). Then when it’s clear that throughout history catastrophe rarely happens during a “Supermoon,” credibility is lost. One data-point does not make a trend. This mistake is seen time and time again concerning single planetary transits and Ptolemaic aspects.

Real astrology demands a lot of analysis, using exact birth data for everyone or everything (incorporation dates of municipalities, etc.) involved. It’s impossible to apply only one or a handful of universal indicators and expect a decent level of accuracy.

Don’t worry too much about unexpected catastrophe during this closer-to-Earth-than-usual Full Moon on Saturday since you can’t do anything to stop it. Instead, go out for a night on the town and enjoy the beautiful Moon.

Copyright © 2011 Scott Petullo