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Numerology Q & A: Life Path Calculation

Monday, February 1st, 2021
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“I was wondering if you could inform me of the correct way to calculate the life path number. I know you have written articles on this before (I was unable to find that particular article in my search unfortunately). But I have a life path (4) according to most online calculators, but I identify more ‘strongly’ with a 22/4 life path, I read your articles for instance, and I just know that’s me! The 4 has relevance but just doesn’t tell my life story like the 22. My DoB is 1st January 1973. Could you shed any light on this please?”


In my opinion, the most accurate way to calculate the “Life Path” (a modern numerology term), or the Full Date Total is as follows because it maintains the integrity of the actual month, day, and year:


This is less accurate because you weren’t born in the year 2; you were born in 1973:


This is another way (Chaldean) to do it, adding the year to a double digit first:


Least accurate is this method:


The Life Path number is considered one of the important factors in your basic (modern) numerology chart, but keep in mind there are hundreds of factors that comprise the patterns in your comprehensive charts. 

Long experience has taught me that successfully delineating personality and timing is about pattern recognition involving multiple forms of astrology and numerology. 

You may identify strongly with a single number, such as 22, particularly when you have that number heavily represented in the patterns in your comprehensive charts. All root numbers (1-9), all Master Numbers (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99), and all Karmic debt Numbers (13, 14, 16, 19) are likely to be represented at least somewhat in your patterns. Other, more specialized numbers will show up too in your patterns. It’s ultimately a matter of where, how often, and to what magnitude that determines personal fate and character. 

Just as you should maintain humility upon learning you have Master Number representation in your comprehensive charts, you shouldn’t worry about also having Karmic Debt number representation. Basically, Master Numbers are a super-vibration and include more material and spiritual potential involving the root number (e.g., 22=2+2=4). Karmic Debt numbers typically represent more of the challenging side of each root number (e.g., 13=1+4=4). 

The world is replete with happy and, or successful people who possess Karmic Debt Day of Birth or Life Path numbers, and miserable underachievers who possess Master Number Day of Birth or Life Path numbers. Patterns, instead of individual factors, represent predetermination and temperament. Though individual factors like the Life Path and Day of Birth are good places to start.  

More information about the number 22 and numerology can be found here.

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