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Leadership Measurable by Handwriting Analysis–8 Traits That Impair it

Monday, October 1st, 2012
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Merriam-Webster dictionary defines leadership as, “capacity to lead,” “the act or an instance of leading.”

Numerous personality traits are part of good leadership ability, including, but not limited to persuasiveness, ability to motivate and inspire others, enthusiasm, dynamic personality, decisiveness, determination, reasoning ability, self-confidence, and initiative.

True leadership is displayed during a crisis, such as when lives are threatened and a leader rises to the occasion, cool under pressure, and delivers everyone to safety.

Unfortunately, negative personality traits such as vanity, defiance, narrow-mindedness, timidity, excessive secrecy, self-deception, resentment, and domineering behavior detract from leadership ability.

All of the aforementioned personality traits (negative and positive) and others are readily assessed through handwriting analysis to determine a person’s ability to lead.

As one of the most effective means of identifying authentic personality, including leadership ability, handwriting analysis helps you to significantly reduce your business and personal related risk.

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